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  1. Guys, How can I display only certain notes on the map? e.g. I have hundreds of notes with location set. I need to see on the map ONLY ~10 with a specific tag. Or notes from a specific Notebook only. How can I do this? I used to be able to do this in previous versions. Is this feature back? This is critical for my business.
  2. Hi Jamie, This sounds promising... For me, as for other people here, Places is the main reason for using the app. Do you know if this release will have the ability to filter Places to a specific notebook or search criteria (e.g. display on the map notes from a specific notebook only)? Many thanks.
  3. @ jhull S1. Ability to filter Places view to a specific search criteria or notebook. This should be put back and added to the iPad too, its brillant to filter whilst house hunting, eating out etc. Please bring this feature back! Please, please, please!!! It is currently available on Android. Why was it removed from IOS? We are all stuck with an older version EN 4.4.1 and none of us can upgrade to EN 5 because of this. If there are no plans to restore this, would you please let us know? We will then either look for alternatives or perhaps could use Android phones. Thank you.
  4. I completely agree!!! I think it was an awful step back to remove Places-per-notebook or Places-per-tag or Places-per-search. This was one of the major features and now it's absolutely useless! I too went back to using an older version 4.4.1 on the iphone and I check every new Evernote update to see if this feature is put back. Unfortunately - no and I don't know if there are plans to restore it. Frankly I don't understand the reason for removing it... Look really silly to do it... Anyone has any idea? The problem is - I'd like to buy an iPad but I don't have an older version of EN to install on iPad. Also my iphone is due for upgrade soon - will I be able to use older EV 4.4.1 with new iphone - I don't know. BTW, I discovered that it's not a problem on Android phones - works as it should! Why not on IOS???? Can anyone suggest alternatives to Evernote that would have this feature?
  5. Jackolicious, I appreciate you reading this forum... I agree with many comments. I just shake my head in disbelief at how you (e.g. Evernote team) managed to 'corrupt' such a great, nearly perfect application (both for iphone and Mac and maybe for Windows and Android too). I do love Evernote and I do use it every day (the older versions, that is). It is my top app and it has become indispensible. However, to my deepest regret, I don't foresee myself using it for very much longer... So I am currently on a look out for alternatives... Yes, I'd try to use for as long as possible but when new OS comes out and if I can't use the older versions - I'd have to switch to something else (unless you put back the functionality that got removed with recent so called 'upgrades') For me the show-stopper is that I can't edit locations and can't see the notes on the map based on tags/search/notebooks (e.g. I can only see ALL notes on the map with no way of filtering them). In Mac version 5.0.0 I couldn't even click on the location field to edit it. Now in 5.0.4 I can go to Note Info and click on location field. I can even type an address there. But then what? The address is not recognised and appears in red colour!!! I've tried entering GPS coordinates in <latitude, longitude> format (e.g. -37.917973,145.062378) No, this doesn't work either! Well, after playing with it for some time I managed to find the work-around - you'd need to enter the coordinates in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds and in a very specific format (e.g. 37°55′5S 145°3′45E) So first you'd need to convert your address into Degrees, Minutes and Seconds and then re-write it to match exactly the format Evernote can understand (including degree (°), minutes (′) and seconds (′′) symbols). Quite a cumbersome way of doing it! Well, I thought - at least I could do it... so be happy and keep using Evernote. But then the second problem just killed me completely. I'm doing voluntary work and I have addresses of people I need to visit. So, in Evernote on my iphone, I need to see on the map ONLY those addresses that are located in a specific notebook (or have a specific tag, or search results) I used to be able to do this in previous versions on iphone but not any longer. Instead I can see all my hundreds of notes from all my notebooks. I'm just puzzled! Can somebody please explain the usefullness of this?!!! Why or how often one would need to see all the notes together on the map? By the way, this makes the Atlas (on Evernote Mac) pretty much useless too. And since every new note I create on my Mac at home will get GPS coordinates assigned automatically - now I have many notes with exactly the same coordinates - my home! And all of them are displayed on the map in the same place! Oh, how useful! (being sarcastic here) This can potentially create privacy issues - if anyone get hold of my Evernote account (e.g. via lost mobile/laptop, hack into Evernote on the web, etc) - then it's very easy to know my home/work addresses. All that is required to do - check which notes have the same coordinates! (to stop this automatic allocation of coordinates, I had to disallow Evenote app from using Location Services - under "Security & Privacy" in System Preferences) So, I've downgraded to the older version on iphone (fortunately I kept the .ipa files and could install the previous versions). I do love the Evernote. I hope I can continue using it for a while. But I understand that eventually I'd have to change the phone, or OS, or computer and probably won't be able to use older versions any longer. I think Evernote is one of the most useful application I've ever used. So it will always remain in my heart. :-) And also in my memory... as an incredible example of how such a great software could be completely destroyed not by lack of finance, not by competition, not by law suits, not by bigger and more powerful corporations but.... by a series of 'upgrades'! Just unbelievable! You guys had a great idea that everybody needed! You are were first! You were way ahead of competition! Your software was great! It was working! It ticked all the boxes for many people: flexible, cloud syncing, tags, search, images, audio notes, geo coordinates, map, sharing, available on Mac, Windows, nearly on all mobile devices... Now you've managed to make it from Great to unusable or nearly unusable for SO many people! I simply could not believe my eyes when I upgraded! How on Earth could this happen?! Did you hire a spy who hate Evernote and vowed to destroy it from inside? :-)
  6. Evernote developers! Just installed version 5.0 for iphone. Great product! Love it! But this problem is a show-stopper for us. I have many notebooks with geotaged notes. The way we work - we need to see the notes from a specific notebook ONLY displayed on the map, NOT ALL hundreds of notes from all notebooks. Also when we use tags/searches, we need to see only notes with a specific tag/search displayed on the map! This worked in all previous versions, but removed from 5.0. Is it an oversight? I had to revert to 4.4. All great new interface can't replace the lost functionality! Please bring it back! Many thanks.
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