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  1. Hi, Sure thing. Is there any way that we can take this convo off of the forum, to email in the form of a support ticket or something, so I can share screen shots etc? And not publicly post everything? I started a ticket a while ago but never got a response. If not, is there a way to attach photos/screenshots etc. that I am missing? Here is an example of an Account Tracking note. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s270/sh/6ad828ec-1e9f-4f6b-8ee3-cb6ffefb7e75/0a2525a4f133e541bb372aa65fcb7bca A saleperson I manage who works the SF market makes notes like this in various notebooks. One for "Established Accounts", "Follow Ups", "Potential Accounts" etc. One way we are using this, is I as his supervisor, am able to see where he is going and review the accounts he is visiting, commenting or giving direction as needed. Also, I want him to be able to use Evernote Atlas so that he can see just the notes for one notebook (or tag even) on a map. Let's say he is working in the Mission in SF. I want him to be able to open up previous notes he's made in "Potential Accounts" and see if any are close by, so that he can visit them while he is in the area. Also, in addition to Geotagging, it would be pretty awesome if there were a way to have the note added to specific location if the full address were written somewhere in the note -- like in the Subject. Thanks for the help on this!
  2. Hi We are using Mac and iOS and Android platforms. I use Mac as the admin. We are very much tied to using the atlas function as described. Basically, we sell an organic beverage and tea product. We are using Evernote Business for Account Tracking, and field sales. Thus, it I want an employee to have a their sales categorized into Notebooks for 'Established Accounts', 'Follow Up Accounts' and 'Potential Accounts', for instance. I want them to be able to open up the atlas for one of those specific notebooks, and see all of the geotagged locations of where they created that note, by taking a picture at that specific account. I also would like if I upload an address, say from google maps, that it would put the note at that address on the map. We haven't figured out Tags just yet for how we are organizing, but it would be great to be able to map for a specific Tag as well. I'd love to hear your feedback. Thank You!
  3. I'm moving the company I work for over to using Evernote Business and am thrilled to be initiating this. However, there is an issue with recent updates that is a potential deal breaker. We will have many notebooks with geotaged notes. The way my company works - we need to see the notes from a specific notebook ONLY displayed on the map, NOT ALL hundreds of notes from all notebooks. Also when we use tags/searches, we need to see only notes with a specific tag/search displayed on the map. Please help Mateo
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