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  1. Hi, SkishChampi: Have you found solution to have map view on the news? If you have iPhone, you may consider GoLater. Just create a notebook for the specific news, then tag with g:/address for each note when clipping the web page, then you will have clear map view of all the news you collect on GoLater "My Map" per this notebook. You can read the news from map by tapping each location. GoLater is the 3rd party APP of Evernote. The paragraph of "Evernote Web Clipper from a Web Browser" in http://golater.tumblr.com/post/78603989558 may give you the idea about how to use GoLater to achieve your purpose. It is free, welcome to download. Wish this lead is helpful to you.
  2. Do you know you can copy a link on any Apps on iPhone and save it to GoLater to make your own to-go maps? Here is the brief guide for your reference. How to Make Your Own GoLater Maps on iPhone
  3. Here we inform several ways to input data to GoLater, welcome to have a look. After Installation of GoLater, What Next?
  4. After having clipped web pages or added notes into Evernote with geo tag "g:/address" , you can go and visit those places written in your notes with GoLater.
  5. The Evernote 3rd party iOS APP GoLater may be the solution you could consider. Limitation is so far, it is only readable to your friends who have iPhones that can install GoLater, not Android yet. Through GoLater, it is easy to share the note with geo tag by LINE, WhatsApp, Messages, or html format text on blog or email. The following articles are the example of such sharing http://golater.tumblr.com/post/73403116011/innovative-invitation-m-card-with-navigation-guide-to http://share-caring.blogspot.tw/2014/01/special-shrimp-dishes-in-taiwan.html
  6. Innovative Invitation m-Card with Navigation Guide to Party Placehttp://golater.tumblr.com/post/73403116011/innovative-invitation-m-card-with-navigation-guide-to
  7. By short cuts from GoLater Notes: http://blog.golater.me/2014/01/now-you-can-share-and-navigate-by-quick.html You can quickly 1 .Navigate 2. Share any location embedded note to Line, Messages, WhatsApp 3. Move note to some notebook 4. Delete note
  8. How do you think about the way like http://youtu.be/wvAvLRfSHkk ? This is the 3rd party iOS APP GoLater for Evernote, supporting Apple Maps and Google Maps. You can have a single notebook map or create a trip map easily by GoLater. You need to pay a little for Google Maps add-on, however, Apple Maps are available for free. Free Download here https://itunes.apple.com/app/id665692933
  9. GoLater 1.0.11 is available today. From this version, you can share a note with map location to friends or customers by Messages, WhatsApp, LINE...,etc. New features: 1. Able to share single note with map location to your friends through Messages/WhatsApp/LINE Your friends can Just tap on the GoLater link, and save, then the data including map will be saved into their GoLater. 2. Optimize the loading speed of the moving to select notebook. 3. Fix the bug of cache issue occurred when moving note. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GoLaterAPP Twitter https://twitter.com/GoLaterApp
  10. Sorry, my reply may be too late for you, but I think this should be helpful to your question. You may be interested in reading Geolocation for Contacts for sales man. (Suggestion)I suggest you to consider Evernote 3rd party iOS APP if you have iPhone that you just need to know the addresses of your customers and have customers map as well as navigation routing easily.
  11. GoLater 1.0.9 is available on APP Store. Add input note from iPhone in addition to from Evernote client or web clipper on PC or Mac. GoLater will monitor the "url copy" action in the background on iPhone APPs, ex. Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, Weibo... Screenshot The url will be saved into the Evernote notebook that your GoLater Notes are currently opening. If you don't want the url note in this notebook, it is easy for you to just delete it or move it to another notebook from the GoLater interface. For each url note, you can add geo tag from GoLater. If it is just a web page you would like to read later, it is ok that you don't add any geo tag on it. Under the read later purpose, you may add another Evernote notebook that specially for read later and you can delete the note whenever you finish reading. Since GoLater does not sync all the notebooks of Evernote, so the performance is good. Welcome to upgrade and download! A Simple Way to Make Geo Bookmark on iPhone For next version: We are working on better interface of GoLater Notes, to make the note thumbnails smaller, showing more items in note list.
  12. Hi, PIPSGuy: Are you still interested in navigating by Google Maps to the note's location? How do you think to work as the following tumblr blog? Using GoLater to collect places information. GoLater is the 3rd party APP of Evernote, which generates maps from your selected notebooks, and supports navigation by Apple Maps or Google Maps. http://golater.tumblr.com/post/68430209375/navigate-by-google-maps-with-golater
  13. GoLater 1.0.8 is available on APP Store. Welcome to download ! English: https://itunes.apple.com/app/golater/id665692933?mt=8 Japan: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/golater/id665692933?mt=8 Simple Chinese: https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/golater/id665692933?mt=8 Traditional Chinese: https://itunes.apple.com/tw/app/golater/id665692933?l=zh&mt=8
  14. Evernoteの第三者iOS アプリGoLaterは Goolgeマツプ を支援し始めました。 http://punksteady.com/2013/11/15/golater2/
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