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  1. This was a major inconvenience for me as I was just about to leave for a trip when I installed the update and my notes with locations were rendered useless. As a premium customer for several years I'm annoyed at the lack of notice let alone the removal of what used to be a core selling point of the service.
  2. In answer to my question 'Where has Places view gone in ios7 update' I received the answer 'it may have been removed'! Location is visible for individual notes, but you can no longer search on a map for nearby notes. With the last update they reduced the previous functionality, not allowing users to limit search to a single notebook/tag, but now they appear to have removed it completely! I'm rather annoyed by this as they have previously pushed this usage and it is one of the main ways I use Evernote. Does anybody have any suggestions of third-party apps or other alternatives?
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