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  1. This was a major inconvenience for me as I was just about to leave for a trip when I installed the update and my notes with locations were rendered useless. As a premium customer for several years I'm annoyed at the lack of notice let alone the removal of what used to be a core selling point of the service.
  2. I realise that there is little chance that you will see this reply, but I just wanted to thank you very much for this script - I've found it really useful. Also, I was hoping it would be possible to export the text of the note and insert it into a description field which Google Maps can then read. I've had a go but it's complicated because it's within a CDATA section. If you were able to help me out I'd be very grateful. All best wishes, Jo
  3. In answer to my question 'Where has Places view gone in ios7 update' I received the answer 'it may have been removed'! Location is visible for individual notes, but you can no longer search on a map for nearby notes. With the last update they reduced the previous functionality, not allowing users to limit search to a single notebook/tag, but now they appear to have removed it completely! I'm rather annoyed by this as they have previously pushed this usage and it is one of the main ways I use Evernote. Does anybody have any suggestions of third-party apps or other alternatives?
  4. I agree, and it's not just notebooks. I used to use saved searches like this eg pull-up a selection of notes and then view them on a map. Please bring this back!
  5. Can anyone help - I've been trying the location search workaround described above (latitude:51 -latitude:52) in the hope that this would filter my notes to those created and geotagged in the London area. But it doesn't work - it doesn't filter out any of the notes, and I've tried other numbers and combinations etc. I'm on Evernote version 2.2 Beta 1 for Mac. Thanks!
  6. OK, so I needed to get this fixed and found out a way round it. I deleted the tags that were deleted from the Mac client but not in the web client in the web client itself. I also used the web client to remove the tab I wanted to remove from all notes. The two clients now seem to be in sync with each other. While I was at it I noticed some funny behaviour that's probably talked about on the web client forum - I was doing this tag management for a new public notebook. The public notebook wasn't happy when a note in it was tagged with a tag whose parent tag did not also appear in the public notebook. It spewed out an error message, but I was able to work out what the problem was as the name of the offending tag came up in the middle of the gobbledygook. I got round it by putting all my tags at the top-level - though this isn't ideal as I now have large numbers of unorganised tags... Just in case this will help someone... Jo
  7. PS I've now found some other weird behaviour which is possibly connected - I had accidentally got NeverMap to add Geo tags to my notes. As I didn't want them I deleted the tags. But some of my notes are still tagged with those tags, even though they don't turn up in the list of tags in my Mac client. Is there something I should refresh? Thanks, Jo
  8. Hi I have got the same (or a similar) problem. I have just updated to 1.8.1. Tags which I have removed from all or deleted from the Mac client are still there on the web client. All the notes are there fine, just the tags are not reconciled. Thanks for your help with this. Jo
  9. + 1 for this - it would enable integration with Google Reader for one (RSS feed of shared/starred items)
  10. True - I don't think it should replace the 'date created' field or whatever, just the info should be somewhere available.
  11. I agree - it would be really useful if some of the other EXIF data could be preserved (particularly time) - also eg when emailing in a photo taken with the iphone app.
  12. Hi. I use netvibes to read RSS feeds and would love a quick way to send feeds I like to Evernote. Of course, I can click on the link and go through to the original page and then use the web clipper or whatever, but it would be great if it would be simpler, and doable from within the netvibes window. I see that ubernote have a widget to add links, so I wonder if that could be a useful model? Thanks, Jo
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