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(Archived) [BUG] Unsupported formatting causes app crash on Nexus 7


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Hi guys, I'm experiencing app crash when try editing notes containing unsupported formatting on my Nexus 7. Android version is 4.1.1 stock from Google. You can see the bug in this video


I've tried to uninstall Evernote, delete app data, reinstall, resync, check/uncheck use offline searching in advanced settings. No way. The bug is still there.

I can confirm it doesn't matter if notes are created on mac or windows (I use both).

Web clipped notes (clipped through Evernote's own browser extensions) are involved, too.

Interesting enough, everything works fine on my HTC Desire S which runs a built-from-souce version of Android jellybean 4.1.1.

Both have the latest Evernote version: 4.2.2 public.

Please help me fixing that.

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I too am experiencing a similar problem. A note I created on my computer consistently crashes on my Nexus 7 tablet when I attempt to edit it, but it does not crash on my Galaxy S3 phone.

I started noticing this last week when the nexus 7 could not edit or view the note in portrait mode (always crashed) but it could in landscape mode. After editing it in landscape mode it changed around the formatting to something the program was more comfortable with I guess.

Now I can view a newer note fullscreen, but any attempt to edit in either landscape or portrait mode immediately results in a evernote crash on my nexus 7. I am looking for any obvious signs of weird formatting, but cannot find any.

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I haven't gotten any sort of official response as of yet, but I came up with a roundabout solution.

Since I could view the text on the note but not edit, what I did was just view it and copy all the text from the view screen. Then I created a new note and just pasted everything over, losing any sort of formatting there was, but at least the new note was able to open and be edited consistently after that. I don't know exactly what formatting caused the initial problems, but since I am just using barebones text notes it doesn't hurt me too greatly to lose formatting.

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guys I've got in contact with the evernote support. They told me to install a beta version of the 4.3 android client. That version solved the bug mentioned in this thread but there were also more minor bugs. Yesterday the 4.3 public (stable) was released and I've updated. I can tell you as far as I can see the minor bugs of its beta and unsupported formatting crashes have been fixed also on Nexus 7.

Please, try and let me now.

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