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  1. This morning I was taking thorough academic notes for about an hour and a half on my Nexus 7. About 5 minutes in Evernote did an autosave. When I finished taking my notes, I clicked the check in the top left, save and exit. Much to my chagrin, upon clicking it, the notes closed and some error popped up. Since it only lasted a second I didn't have time to take note of what it said. The notes had closed, but apparently the sync part failed, and I lost pages of notes, reverting back to the 5 minute mark. Not cool. I don't expect I can recover said lost notes, but I would at least like the programmers to learn something from this. If you click the save and exit button and there is an error that keeps from syncing, for the love of god don't close the notes. Make it assure the sync is successful before closing. If the sync fails at least I can copy and paste the notes into another program that allows me to store locally. Or, hey, allow me to store those notes locally at least until they can sync successfully.
  2. Just updated Evernote and resurrected the old Broken note I had problems with and deleted. Clicking edit did not crash Evernote, so the problem seems solved for me.
  3. I haven't gotten any sort of official response as of yet, but I came up with a roundabout solution. Since I could view the text on the note but not edit, what I did was just view it and copy all the text from the view screen. Then I created a new note and just pasted everything over, losing any sort of formatting there was, but at least the new note was able to open and be edited consistently after that. I don't know exactly what formatting caused the initial problems, but since I am just using barebones text notes it doesn't hurt me too greatly to lose formatting.
  4. I too am experiencing a similar problem. A note I created on my computer consistently crashes on my Nexus 7 tablet when I attempt to edit it, but it does not crash on my Galaxy S3 phone. I started noticing this last week when the nexus 7 could not edit or view the note in portrait mode (always crashed) but it could in landscape mode. After editing it in landscape mode it changed around the formatting to something the program was more comfortable with I guess. Now I can view a newer note fullscreen, but any attempt to edit in either landscape or portrait mode immediately results in a evernote crash on my nexus 7. I am looking for any obvious signs of weird formatting, but cannot find any.
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