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  1. Hi, I really like the new layout and overall upgrade but there are some raw edges. bugs: I confirm that deleting does not move the icon into trash. Trash is present by the way. the app sometimes crashes, I've sent report of that on a bit slow wifi the app kinda lags, non unusable but it let me feel it depends too much on instant connection to EN servers (solution: queue changes?) regression: i can't rename a tag anymore. Please add that in the next update, cause it's pointless to focus on tags and forget such a feature still missing i can't see nested tags, like I do on desktop. Question: what's the default background sync interval? Just out of curiosity, pull to sync works fine.
  2. Hi everyone, I've thought about adding shortcuts as an item in Mac (top) menu bar, like 'Bookmarks' in Chrome or Firefox. It could help gaining some screen space by making them quickly accessible while keeping the sidebar hidden. This would be really nice especially using the Side List View on little screen laptops (e.g. rMB, 13" rMBP) as you'd see more details in columns (tags, etc.). Cheers, Frank
  3. Thanks - this is absolutely on the roadmap, but not in this release. Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned. Hi guys. If it's not planned for next beta of the evernote editor, are you going to support just some of markdown?
  4. just posted my first post about an Evernote BUG

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