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  1. Hi, I really like the new layout and overall upgrade but there are some raw edges. bugs: I confirm that deleting does not move the icon into trash. Trash is present by the way. the app sometimes crashes, I've sent report of that on a bit slow wifi the app kinda lags, non unusable but it let me feel it depends too much on instant connection to EN servers (solution: queue changes?) regression: i can't rename a tag anymore. Please add that in the next update, cause it's pointless to focus on tags and forget such a feature still missing i can't see nested tags, like I do on desktop. Question: what's the default background sync interval? Just out of curiosity, pull to sync works fine.
  2. Hi everyone, I've thought about adding shortcuts as an item in Mac (top) menu bar, like 'Bookmarks' in Chrome or Firefox. It could help gaining some screen space by making them quickly accessible while keeping the sidebar hidden. This would be really nice especially using the Side List View on little screen laptops (e.g. rMB, 13" rMBP) as you'd see more details in columns (tags, etc.). Cheers, Frank
  3. Hi everyone, Evernote is an awesome tool and I use it daily. I've just figured out that moving the 'share notebook' along with the notebook name in Top List View (look a the pic) could give us more screen estate. If you like me, run it on a 13" macbook, you'll notice the difference, even in full screen mode. Cheers, Frank
  4. Hi, issue 1) is still present on (stable) released OS X 10.11. It happens 10 out 10 times I quit the app or close the latest window in full screen mode. Some more info to help you: I've updated OS X from 10.10.5 and Evernote 6.1.1 was already installed before the update. Waiting for a fix, thank you!
  5. Thanks - this is absolutely on the roadmap, but not in this release. Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned. Hi guys. If it's not planned for next beta of the evernote editor, are you going to support just some of markdown?
  6. Hi guys, Evernote is a great life tool for me and this focus back to the editing are is a really nice shift. One thing I miss is the capability to write anywhere in the note like I can in OneNote. I mean without constrains, not like we have invisible lines. This would be great for cross-platform, mind mapping and freely take notes with a pen on an ipad/android tablet. Hope you consider this as well. Cheers!
  7. I would add also a customizable shortcut in preference panel. Thank you!
  8. Same here, too! It happens on both devices: galaxy nexus running official android 4.1.2 and nexus 7 running official android 4.2.2. Please fix it, that widget is so useful!
  9. guys I've got in contact with the evernote support. They told me to install a beta version of the 4.3 android client. That version solved the bug mentioned in this thread but there were also more minor bugs. Yesterday the 4.3 public (stable) was released and I've updated. I can tell you as far as I can see the minor bugs of its beta and unsupported formatting crashes have been fixed also on Nexus 7. Please, try and let me now.
  10. Hi guys, I'm experiencing app crash when try editing notes containing unsupported formatting on my Nexus 7. Android version is 4.1.1 stock from Google. You can see the bug in this video .I've tried to uninstall Evernote, delete app data, reinstall, resync, check/uncheck use offline searching in advanced settings. No way. The bug is still there. I can confirm it doesn't matter if notes are created on mac or windows (I use both). Web clipped notes (clipped through Evernote's own browser extensions) are involved, too. Interesting enough, everything works fine on my HTC Desire S which runs a built-from-souce version of Android jellybean 4.1.1. Both have the latest Evernote version: 4.2.2 public. Please help me fixing that.
  11. thank you for your reply. I've posted here because I experience also your problem when the app does not crash. It's only on the tablet, but defenitely there's. Anyway, I'll follow your tip starting a new thread.
  12. Thank you. But I've already thought about this workaround but I can't do it on-the-go neither I can convert all my notes (700+) just to be sure. In addition, I Mac OS X version of the client lacks this option. I have to use the OS built-in text editor. Hope they fix this soon, or at least add 'paste as text' option into the mac client.
  13. Good catch mrossk. I updated Step 3. I forgot to add the part where the user clicks the Edit Button. Yup. This is the exact bug I'm seeing. Thanks for verifying. Hi guys. I'm experiencing the same problem on my Nexus 7. Strangely it works like a charm on my HTC Desire S running a custom ROM. Today Evernote versions is 4.2.2 public on Android. I can confirm it doesn't matter if notes are created on mac or windows (I use both). In addition to this, the solution gave in post #12 is not appliable in my case as the edit mode crashes as you can see in this video I've uploaded I've tried to uninstall Evernote, delete app data, reinstall, resync, check/uncheck use offline searching in advanced settings. No way. The bug is still there. Unsupported formattings BUG is really frustrating as web clipped notes (clipped through Evernote's own browser extensions) appears as notes containing web info and so the unsupported formatting. This BUG is still alive, please fix it.
  14. Some of us know exactly how powerful the search capabilities are, and others are (maybe painfully) aware of where the limitations are. But this case was pretty straightforward, and the Knowledge Base pretty much covers it: https://support.ever...earch-operators Really thank you! I've clipped that page. Now I use EN more efficiently. FWIW, I think a lot of people don't realize how powerful the EN search engine is. At least initially. It's pretty powerful & amazing. Regarding your suggestion, I use text expanders for this. http://discussion.ev...it/#entry161437 Thank you too for the suggestion. I've read the topic. Now I'm looking for a good text expander on android. Anyway it would be great if it was a built-in feature of the client, so you can write special commands expanded or not.
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