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  1. OK weird too - I was too stupid. The note I wanted to export was pdf from scansnap software..
  2. Hi gazumped, I remember that it was already possible to choose the .enex-format earlier. But now I don´t get a dialogue box... Evernote just puts it into .enex... ???
  3. Hi, usually I exported a note with jpegs and then I got a folder with all the scanned jpgs in it. Now it seems new to me that evernote creates a .enex-file. I want to get my jpegs! Did they change something? For me one aspect to get the premium account from evernote always was, that I want to be able to change to another product if another enterprise convices me. How do I get the jpegs? Did they change something? Thanks!
  4. I use evernote on Imac and on Android 4.1. After googleing your abbreviations I understand your answer. In my case it´s definitly not because the notes are too big. It´s just because the most often syncing-intervall is for my opionion too long (every 15 minutes). That causes a conflict from time to time.
  5. Hi, sorry, but I do not follow this forum, so maybe already someone had the same idea. My feature request: When there happens a change conflict, the whole note is transferred to a conflict-changes-folder. Why the evernote-software doesn´t detect a bit smarter what is going on? Maybe the conflict doesn´t exist at all, but it could be merged to one note. Even it is indeed a conflict, because I edited the same line on mobile and desktop - why evernote doesn´t put these two lines under each other, and highlight it with a comment "change conflict"? I think this would be way smarter. It happened to me several times, that I created a "change conflict"-note in the special folder, and even edited this version instead of the original file. Sorry for bad english;)
  6. This posting is 2 months old, but the bug still exists. Any news? Thanks! Or should I open a ticket? Why, if the bug is already confirmed?
  7. Thanks a lot gazumped, now everything works fine. I think I switched off the OCR by mistake.
  8. Thanks gazumped! I did as you said. I scanned some separate stacks and the put it alltogether with the "preview"-Software from apple. But as I did it that way I think no OCR was done. How can I OCR the pdf-file afterwards? Together with my scansnap it was delivered only one file. That seems to contain the abby fine reader software, but I cannot start it by itself. ?!
  9. Hi, I did some research, but I didn´t find an answer. There seems to be no special scansnap forum. When I scan let´s say 10 papers, the scansnap often pulls in 2 papers at once. Sure I can scan that left paper at the end, but then the order of the scanned papers is wrong. How do you manage that? If I scan to OCR-PDFs with the scansnap software (what is recommende in this forum), then I cannot change the order of the scanned papers afterwards. Any idea? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I have created some shortcuts (widgets) on my nexus 7 for some notes I need very often. When I open a note via widget, then press the home screen button, and then open another note via widget, then evernote will show the note opened at the first time. When I open a note via widget, then leave it with the "back"-button, and then open another note via widget, then everything works fine. Is it a bug? For me it would be usefull if the widget opens the note it should be, and it should´t matter how I closed the last note. Thanks!
  11. A support inquiry is nice, but let use hear about the answer in this forum! I have the same problem. The app crashes very often when I want to edit on my nexus 7.
  12. Hi, I use only one account in evernote, but evernote shows an error message from time to time (see attachment). What´s wrong?
  13. Hi, when I search a note in the Finder evernote says: The note you selected belongs to another account. I only have one account, so this must be a bug?
  14. I opened a jpg in a note with the mac-preview-software ("open with preview"). I rotated the picture and after that I pressed cmd-q to quit the preview software. After that I see a blue "?" in the note but not the jpg. I can export the note and then I see that the jpg is still existing. What´s wrong?
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