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(Archived) How can I complete a task

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I have just starting evernote. I have always used a very usefull excel sheet.

I would like to add a status to my note, how can I for example close a note? so that I don't see it? I would like to be able to look into historic notes as well,so I don't want to delete an item,

regards Joost

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Hi and welcome to the forums!

EN is designed to automatically save whatever you type into a note. You do not need to "close" a note. It is automatically closed when you close EN.

I don't know what you mean by "historic notes". All your notes are safely stored in EN. Maybe you need to experiment with the VIEW (how to view your notes). Click on VIEW on the main menu and you will see several menu items you can select or deselect. Experiment a bit and you will find something that suits your needs.


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To see an open or closed item, you could use the Evernote To-Do checkbox.

To see open items,

>Attributes >Contains >Unfinished To-Do Items

Or search for todo:false

To see closed items,

>Attributes >Contains >Finished To-Do Items

Or search for todo: true

Additional tip

How to make a single list of all unfinished items.

In the Left Panel

>Attributes >Contains >Unfinished to-do items

In the Note List Panel, select the notes

Right Click and select "Copy Note Links"

Paste the Note Links into a new note

Add additional enhancements such as bullets and print the list

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hi, thanks for all your responses. Just some background to my question: Currently I am using an excel workbook with an open and closed(historic) worksheet. I also include notes, and due dates to every item. by using the checkboxes as suggest I can manage what I see (e.g. unfinished items). Normally I only want to see what is still open.

Only thing that I don't have is all the beauty of excel: formulas. For example, it automatically calculates how old my daugther is, how many week (28-Jul-2012) but there is probably a way to do those things as well :)

any way, thanks for your help! I can now convert my to do workbook to evernote

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If you want a note to represent a single to-do item, then there are at least a couple of strategies:

1) you could put a single checkbox in a note, and track to-do items by making saved searches, filtering on the todo search attribute:

todo:false - returns note containing unchecked to-do checkboxes

todo:true - returns note containing checked to-do checkboxes

todo:* - returns note containing any to-do checkboxes, checked or unchecked

2) Use tags to signify to-do status, e.g. "Todo", "Complete", In Progress", etc., and use searches on those tags to identify notes

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