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(Archived) Will sync delete my web content?

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Hello there,

I accidentally deleted the evernote data library (I decided to move the original one to a usb stick and then point Evernote to it). It happened that Evernote deleted the one I moved on the USB.

Now, I want to restore what I have on the web back to the desktop application, but I fear that when I sync, it will go the other way - the web will see that I have zero notes on the desktop and will delete all the notes on the web.

Is it true and how to restore Web ---> to Desktop only?

Your help is truly appreciated.

Best regards,


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You are safe if you connect to the WEB and sync down. The WEB is the mother of all syncing. Whatever is there will be synced down to whatever device you have (PC, laptop and such). Think of it as a warehouse: All deliveries arrive at the warehouse (Web).

From there the goods are delivered to the grocers (synced to your device) and you are the buyer who gets to look at / buys the goodies.


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