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  1. Hello there, I accidentally deleted the evernote data library (I decided to move the original one to a usb stick and then point Evernote to it). It happened that Evernote deleted the one I moved on the USB. Now, I want to restore what I have on the web back to the desktop application, but I fear that when I sync, it will go the other way - the web will see that I have zero notes on the desktop and will delete all the notes on the web. Is it true and how to restore Web ---> to Desktop only? Your help is truly appreciated. Best regards, M.
  2. 32 views and no reply?!!! Am I asking a wrong question?
  3. Hallo there, Is it possible to add a pdf in a browser window to Evernote? If I try to clip it, I get only the note showing the link, but I want to get the pdf (or any attachment, I guess) as well? I have been using this feature in Zotero for years but I want to switch to Evernote now (already got the premium) but this feature is extremely important to me. I found a workaround using the Nitro PDF and e-mailing to my Evernote e-mail in the browser, or just by opening the Nitro reader from within the browser into the standalone Nitro application and then using the Evernote plugin. I tried to search in the forum but never got any more direct answer. Best regards, Mihail
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