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(Archived) Chrome Clipper 5.7 Beta version


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Installed in Chrome 21/Windows 7. Your install instructions in the note don't work. Drag and dropping the "file icon" triggers a Chrome error. You have to save the .crx and then drag and drop it to the Manage Extensions page.


You should also add a step to review Options after the beta install. They are reset to clipper default after remove & install.

Got the "could not load page" error again on first clip after beta install. Recovered from error by reloading page and logging in. Tested that as an alternative to browser exit restart.

PS: I did exit restart as instructed. Too many other potential problems without the restart.

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Ummm. Where is "account switching" in this clipper.


Found it.

Account switching (keyboard shortcut: Mac = ctrl + cmd + A, Win ctrl + alt + A)


shortcut does not appear to do anything in Windows 7/Chrome 21. Tested with and without clipper dialog active.

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I know Rockmelt's not supported. Wish it was, but the Chrome webclipper extensions work just fine - usually.

5.7 doesn't work for me. It installs, but doesn't do anything.

Downgrading to 5.4 works just fine with Mac Lion 10.7.4 and Rockmelt

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The current release of Web Clipper for Chrome was not working for me (see attachment for what I get, and I've posted in another thread on that), so I thought i'd give this a try. Well, unfortunately, I get the same thing. I'm stuck. Can't use it in Chrome. On any page. It's works in FF, but I don't really use FF.

Chrome Version 19.0.1084.56

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I am continually changing the size of the View/Edit web client window as activated by the Clipper.

Wish the setting would persist.

This was first noticed in 5.6 in Win 7 but the problem persists in 5.7.

FYI: The default window size for the Firefox clipper is a bit larger and usually ok.

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