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Shepherd Jim

windows (Archived) How to apply (copy) Multiple Tags

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I very often want to apply exactly the same tags to a new note as I have already affixed to an old note(s). Is there some way to copy multiple tags and then paste them onto a nopte?

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Hold down the CTRL key and click on multiple tags (from your tag tree) . Then drag them onto your new note.


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Hi Jim,

Since you are using the windows client, you can also make use of the "Assign Tags" option.

When you create the new note, select it and the note with the tags (holding control, click on them in the note list)

Right click the note and choose Tag Notes or press Ctrl + Alt + T

This should show a window listing your tags.

If you check the "Hide Unassigned Tags" Option then you should only see the tags that are assigned to the first note. They should have a blue box next to them (Meaning that at least one of the selected notes contains that tag)

Clicking on the blue box will turn it to a check, meaning that all selected notes have that tag.

Click ok, and your new note should have the same tags as the note that you used to decide which tags to assign.


Try it out with some test notes first, to get the hang of it, but once you do, you are good to go :)


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Hey Wern -- not sure where I find the "STRNG key" -- I'm running on a Win7 laptop. I make extensive use of tags and my "tag tree" is quite long -- takes some time to scroll throught the whole mess.

Scott -- THAT'S the ticket! Just what the shepherd ordered! I had used the "multiple tagging" facility previously, but had not extrapolated how you could access JUST already-applied tags and "copy" them. Thank you!

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Maybe I'm going crazy, but I recall that if I wasn't working from the tag tree but just editing a note, the "copy Note" feature used to copy the tags too, not just the note content.


The only reason I *ever* want to copy a note is to not have to re-tag a new note.


I see no value to copying just the content with the "copy note" command. I can easily do that with Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.


What am I missing? Can we be given a choice to copy tags?



Lena, 268435 public (on this computer)

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When you choose to copy the note, choose "Notebook..." and you should see options about tags and dates.

I believe this is persisted after you make the choice as well.

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