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(Archived) Imported notes from Simplenote can't be synced


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So I used simplenote to create an enex export file, which I imported into Evernote. Then when I try to sync I get this problem:

11:16:45 [9432] 99% Skipping note ""note title here" flagged as unsyncable (0x4) local flags (ENML_VALIDATION)

11:16:45 [9432] 100% * saved updateCount: 3106

11:16:46 [9432] 100% 109 items were not synchronized

11:16:46 [9432] 100% * Note 6763, error: local flags (ENML_VALIDATION)

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Could you export the note titled "note title here" listed in your log as an enex file for those that understand ENML to take a look at?

Perhaps someone here can spot what causes the ENML validation to fail.

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Ok, that is enlightening.

With that note, I can generate the errors:

17:51:16 [5036] 75% Creating server note "note-The Acceleration of Addictivenes..."
17:51:17 [5036] 75% EDAMUserException: errorCode=ENML_VALIDATION parameter="Attribute "style" must be declared for element type "en-note"."

17:51:23 [5036] 0% * Note 20817, error: Attribute "style" must be declared for element type "en-note". (ENML_VALIDATION)

Now my knowledge of the ENML format is VERY limited, however I do notice that the ENML is validating against


Whereas it should be:

(According to: http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/cloud/chapters/Creating_notes.php)


If I change that within the ENML to reflect that, then I can sync fine.

Now, I am not completely sure of the significance of this, however I think that this is something that is incorrect within the tool that you are using to export from SimpleNote. (This is really something that EN or perhaps schalker would know better, so I would ask for their confirmation here ;))

Ok, so what can you do about it?

I guess there are a couple of options:

- Wait until the tool you are using is updated (possibly reporting it to them?)

- Edit your enex files, but this could be somewhat awkward if you have a lot of files. Though if they are exported as one enex file, you can use the search and replace function of a text editor to edit them I guess...

If you were to edit them yourself, you will need to open the enex file in a text editor, and look for the lines:

<!DOCTYPE en-note SYSTEM "http://xml.evernote.com/pub/enml.dtd">

and replace it with (notice enml2.dtd):

<!DOCTYPE en-note SYSTEM "http://xml.evernote.com/pub/enml2.dtd">

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Hi, yes, thanks for replying but already tried your website, but wanted notes I could edit in evernote. Any way that the notes could be copied across?

Thanks for checking my webapp. After you synced your Simplenote's, you could export them and then re-import (I guess). But I admit this is not ideal. I'm currently investigating to launch the premium version which allows edits in Evernote and automatic syncing.

Otherwise Scott was spot on. Then "enml.dtd -> enml2.dtd"-bug has bitten a lot of other people before, just check the forum. Great idea to forward this thread to Simplenote, they are great people and will correct this, I guess.

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The find and replace seemed to work as now notes don't moved to the unsynced notes folder - but I did have a few strange things happening, such as now missing 18 notes

Another issue with the simplenote export is it screws up the titles it adds the next few lines as well as the first line, so I might mention that to them as well once they get back to me.

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Haven't heard back from simplenote. Actually, I came up with a better solution, as some notes didn't get synced and the titles were mucked up.

Used resophnotes simplenote client for windows to store notes as text files with ISO 8859-1 encoding (unicode led to errors) and selected save title in text file, and then used import folder function in evernote.

This works fine for a one off one way sync. If you continue to use Resophontes, then any updates to existing notes in resophnotes will lead to a new note being imported into evernote. This could be a feature for some, as it means as you have a changelog of notes.

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SPG Scott - others, your suggestion was a huge homerun. Something so small, yet night/day difference. Your discover and idea to find/replace enml2.dtd works great. My export came directly from the SIMPLENOTE website which must simply be doing it 'wrong' meaning that they give you notes that are only available in LOCAL notebooks. Your approach fixes it and saved my many hours. Great Job !

Well, I should add that I am "leaving" simplenote in favor of Evernote. Their product is ok, just not as robust - obviously. its a bit Apples 2 Oranges.

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When I try to import .enex files from SimpleNote, I get:


Could not import notes, error: COMMIT_FAILED



I know the export/edit/import solution is not that easy and straight forward. But it's hard to tell what your import problem is from your error report.

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I know the export/edit/import solution is not that easy and straight forward. But it's hard to tell what your import problem is from your error report.



Oh, I forgot.   A nice female English voice popped up saying: "it appears you have duplicate <div> pairs on line 3749.   Please address this oversight and try again."


I don't know what else to offer other than the error message.

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