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  1. I have a galaxy note, which has a large and high res screen, suitable for using evernote in tablet UI. I also use a custom rom (paranoid android) which allows me to change the DPI and layouts to tablet resolution and tablet style. On nearly every other app I haves used, I can specify the the phone or tablet mode of an app. No matter what I try with Evernote, it always shows me phone mode. So I am presuming there is something wrong with the way the evernote is coded (compared to other apps and android design specs) which stops this happening. Can this be fixed? Thanks
  2. Haven't heard back from simplenote. Actually, I came up with a better solution, as some notes didn't get synced and the titles were mucked up. Used resophnotes simplenote client for windows to store notes as text files with ISO 8859-1 encoding (unicode led to errors) and selected save title in text file, and then used import folder function in evernote. This works fine for a one off one way sync. If you continue to use Resophontes, then any updates to existing notes in resophnotes will lead to a new note being imported into evernote. This could be a feature for some, as it means as you have a changelog of notes.
  3. The find and replace seemed to work as now notes don't moved to the unsynced notes folder - but I did have a few strange things happening, such as now missing 18 notes Another issue with the simplenote export is it screws up the titles it adds the next few lines as well as the first line, so I might mention that to them as well once they get back to me.
  4. thanks Scott. I did a find and replace on the enex file and that seems to be working ok, and I emailed this thread to simplenote for them to fix it.
  5. Here is a sample note (all the notes had the same problem). note-The Acceleration of Addictiveness ..zip
  6. Hi, yes, thanks for replying but already tried your website, but wanted notes I could edit in evernote. Any way that the notes could be copied across?
  7. So I used simplenote to create an enex export file, which I imported into Evernote. Then when I try to sync I get this problem: 11:16:45 [9432] 99% Skipping note ""note title here" flagged as unsyncable (0x4) local flags (ENML_VALIDATION) 11:16:45 [9432] 100% * saved updateCount: 3106 11:16:46 [9432] 100% 109 items were not synchronized 11:16:46 [9432] 100% * Note 6763, error: local flags (ENML_VALIDATION)
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