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  1. Actually, the Evernote infrastructure could keep the URL links using resource attributes (which are available for developers in their API, http://www.evernote.com/about/developer/api/ref/Types.html#Struct_ResourceAttributes). Unfortunately, the current webclippers do not store the note links (see http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/21425-missing-resource-attributes-for-images-in-clipped-notes/page__fromsearch__1 for a discussion) and the current clients do not expose these hidden attributes of a note.
  2. If only it were just a matter of leaving </br> in the notes with a "plain text" option [...] Last night I honestly contemplated somehow finding a way to go back to using a combination of simple text editors like Elements on the iPad and non-text files in Dropbox (I gave up on the idea for now, because I don't see an easy way to link up the PDFs with my notes on the iPad--metadata and searches in EN are just too valuable). [...] As I said in this thread , I do sympathize with your desire to use plain-text. It's not that easy to implement this for all clients (as I tried to explain in the other thread). However, I'm developing a cloud-based solution to sync Simplenote and Evernote, as I think that the two services both have their strengths and it is easier to connect them rather to expect their respective clients to get updated. I'm not making any promises, but I'm considering a closed beta for interested people in the first quarter of this year. Send me a personal message with your Evernote username if you are interested.
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