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  1. I know the export/edit/import solution is not that easy and straight forward. But it's hard to tell what your import problem is from your error report.
  2. Is this a serious question? Okay, okay, I'll bite: - your password is not optimal as the words are semantically connected to each other. On the other hand, it's long and much safer than, say "+(8|&2= - of course the password is now not safe anymore as it is on the internet - you might want to look at http://blog.agilebits.com/2011/08/10/better-master-passwords-the-geek-edition/ for a geeky, but very readable blog post on this subject
  3. I agree with gazumped: Allowing more special characters in the password does not increase security. As always, there is an appropriate xkcd cartoon regarding this topic: http://xkcd.com/936.
  4. I agree that there is lots of potential in note locations in Evernote. You might try http://noteplac.es to get a sens of what is possible. However, this is more a demo site (of mine), it does not to automatic placement of notes.
  5. A little late to the game, but you could try http://noteplac.es, a 3rd party webservice (actually, a midnight project of mine). You can set location in there (and let NotePlac.es guess locations based on the content). You can also clip maps and StreetView photos from there.
  6. The idea of "Evernote Storify" sounds great to me and i agree that the official Evernote apps are not really suited for this. But this could be a great opprotunity for 3rd party developer. Maybe you'll find one who is interested in the forum or at the ETC conference this week. Good luck Stephan
  7. I'm the author of Simple-for-Ever and still maintaining this project - I still use it myself. I found this thread by accident and would like to clarify the issue. The goal behind Simple-for-Ever is to be able to use both Simplenote and Evernote at the same time (because editing in plaintext can be useful). To be able to continously sync changes from Simplenote and Evernote, we need to set the Evernote note to read-only. Otherwise, you'd edit a note in Evernote and this change is lost once you use Simple-for-Ever again. (There will b e a two-way-sync in a future premium version). I clarified this issue on the webpage. dlu is right, you could export, edit in a text editor and re-import. You'd need to delete the following text: <content-class>ping13.simpleforever.note</content-class> If you only want to export your notes from Simplenote, you may use http://simplenote-export.appspot.com/ (Note that I have not used this service myself) As stated on the site, you can contact me at mail@simpleforever.net for any other question, I usually reply within 1-3 days. Hope this helps Stephan
  8. Thanks for checking my webapp. After you synced your Simplenote's, you could export them and then re-import (I guess). But I admit this is not ideal. I'm currently investigating to launch the premium version which allows edits in Evernote and automatic syncing. Otherwise Scott was spot on. Then "enml.dtd -> enml2.dtd"-bug has bitten a lot of other people before, just check the forum. Great idea to forward this thread to Simplenote, they are great people and will correct this, I guess.
  9. I assume you use http://simplenote-export.appspot.com/ to export your Simplenotes. While I can't help you with the export file, you might want to try our service at http://simpleforever.net. All your notes from Simplenote will be directly created in Evernote (notes will be read-only though). Let me know if this works for you.
  10. Both plaintext and rich-text have their advantages. Evernote just doesn't have a nice plaintext editor and probably never will. I use Evernote, but I also love plaintext and use Simplenote for entering text, but the link to Evernote was still missing. So I scratched my own itch and created a cloud service, which syncs all plaintext notes in Simplenote with Evernote. It's currently beta and the future depends on the feedback I get. But if you are interested, you can go to http://simpleforever.net and signup for a beta account.
  11. They apparently use TinyMCE on their webclient. What's the advantage using CKEditor?
  12. Phil, thanks for your clarifications regarding Evernote's apps. Could you comment on the concerns of the original poster: If I grant access to a third party, I currently grant unrestricted access to my whole life. Are you planning to change this, i.e. impose restrictions on 3rd party apps? Thanks Stephan PS: Evernote for iOS (latest version) accesses calendar information in the same way as Android does.
  13. Actually, the Evernote infrastructure could keep the URL links using resource attributes (which are available for developers in their API, http://www.evernote.com/about/developer/api/ref/Types.html#Struct_ResourceAttributes). Unfortunately, the current webclippers do not store the note links (see http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/21425-missing-resource-attributes-for-images-in-clipped-notes/page__fromsearch__1 for a discussion) and the current clients do not expose these hidden attributes of a note.
  14. If you use collaborative websites like Trello, isn't it better to share the note first, so others can use the link? You can share the notes in any Evernote client and you get a valid URL of the form http://www.evernote.com/shard/s<number>/sh/<guid>/<some other guid>, see http://blog.evernote.com/2011/03/29/the-shiny-new-evernote-web-redesigned-interface-expanded-note-sharing-options-and-more/ If you insist on having a private Web URL for your note, you can use the evernote:// link and extract the note GUID from there. I took the bookmarklet from http://enml-editor.ping13.net and adapted it for your purpose: javascript:function interactWithClipboard (text) { return window.prompt ("Paste Evernote note link to clipboard: Ctrl+v, Enter", text) || "";} function CopyFromAndToClipboard() { var guid = interactWithClipboard("").match(/(n=|/)([a-f0-9]{8}-[a-f0-9]{4}-[a-f0-9]{4}-[a-f0-9]{4}-[a-f0-9]{12})/i); if (guid) { window.prompt('Get Evernote Web URL (Ctrl+c, Enter):','https://www.evernote.com/Home.action#n='+guid[2]); } else { alert('Sorry, could not find any Evernote note GUID.');}}CopyFromAndToClipboard();void(0) When you start the bookmarklet, you first need to copy the note link into the first dialog box and hit enter. A second dialog box appears with the desired note URL to use. Hit Ctrl+c to get it onto your clipboard. Hope this helps Stephan
  15. If only it were just a matter of leaving </br> in the notes with a "plain text" option [...] Last night I honestly contemplated somehow finding a way to go back to using a combination of simple text editors like Elements on the iPad and non-text files in Dropbox (I gave up on the idea for now, because I don't see an easy way to link up the PDFs with my notes on the iPad--metadata and searches in EN are just too valuable). [...] As I said in this thread , I do sympathize with your desire to use plain-text. It's not that easy to implement this for all clients (as I tried to explain in the other thread). However, I'm developing a cloud-based solution to sync Simplenote and Evernote, as I think that the two services both have their strengths and it is easier to connect them rather to expect their respective clients to get updated. I'm not making any promises, but I'm considering a closed beta for interested people in the first quarter of this year. Send me a personal message with your Evernote username if you are interested.
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