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(Archived) REQUEST: Ability to manually reorder notebooks and stacks



Good Morning to all,

I wanted to ask whether it is possible to manually reorder the notebooks as well as the stacks and the included notebooks?

Currently they are ordered by name and for professional use I need to name them with numbers before actual name!

So my question would be:

1. Is it possible to implement this in the near future?

2. Or is it right now yet possible?

Thank you all very much

Best wishes

Sebastian Tischer

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Hi. Welcome to the user forums.

I do not believe you can manually order the notebooks or stacks on any client, and you cannot manually sort the notes either. Evernote generally does not release information about their roadmap, so we do not know whether such features are being considered.

However, employees wander around these forums, and they will see your request.

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What the others have said is right, and my personal guess is that alphabetic ordering is here to stay (though I have no inside information). What some users do to hack a personalized order is to include symbols or special characters before names. Example:




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Thank you for the answers :) So I will wait what the future will bring! I send my request straight to the support team who told they send it to the devs! From now lets wait ;)

Dev team got the memo. Thanks for the suggestion!

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