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(Archived) Note Link or Shortcut / Command Line to open Note in new Window?


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Is there a way to make an Evernote link or Desktop Shortcut to open an existing note in a new window (like when you are in a separate note window and click a note link)?

I have tried:

Copy Note Link, using that as a windows shortcut = Opens note in main list in Evernote window.

Command Line Options = no option to open a note I don't think. Just display note in terminal.

Copy note URL = public sharing = not what i want


I am wondering if there could be a way to implement in the protocol handler as a note link starts like this: evernote:///view/[bLAH]

Maybe a different action than 'view' or other parameters or something?

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No way that I know of. The first method will at least open the link in Evernote, as you already know, but I couldn't figure out how to open it in a separate window.

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If I create a desktop shortcut to the local URL produced by "Copy Note Link" a doubleclick will open both the main Evernote window and a separate window for that note. There's currently a bug that generates content cards if you click a new note link from an Evernote window. What's the intention for this separate window? Any major reason why the application window is too much?

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If you click Evernote note link while holding down Shift key, the note that link refers to will be opened in a separate window.


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Oh wow there's an option silly me, in Options->Note: Open links from other apps in new window!!

Thanks kvitekp your shift method seems to emulate that setting, although both of them also show the main Evernote window when launched.

I'm just being OCD but I want to open my very frequent notes from a quick launcher and I prefer reading them in a separate window, less clutter (much like if you were to just open a text file).

I'm a new user and loving Evernote thanks everyone for your replies & efforts.

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