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  1. It's not terribly convenient and you need to be able to edit XML files, but doable anyway. You can create your own .url or .webloc file with a plain text editor, check http://stackoverflow.com/questions/146575/crafting-webloc-file for instructions. I checked creating both types of files with a evernote:// link and it works, but the .url file is always opened by Safari, not my default browser (Firefox). I find it easier to put a bookmark in my default web browser and use a launcher like Quicksilver or Launchbar, though. That would open up the Evernote webpage right? I'd like to be able to open a note in the evernote application from a desktop shortcut.
  2. anyone know how to make a note Desktop shortcut on a Mac?
  3. I know this is a bit off topic, but can't find help anywhere. Does anyone know how to do this on a Mac? Create a desktop alias/shortcut that opens a specific evernote note directly?
  4. Your method works for linking to a finder item from a note, but I think what we're looking for is a way to link to a note (or notebook) from finder.
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