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Learning curve in transitioning to EN/TSW for GTD


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I had a post written out how and why I got to where I am, and it got pretty lengthy, which I know people tend to ignore, so I’m deleting it all and putting it in ‘Cliff notes’ format:

- Preferred and used a paper-based GTD system for a couple of years

- Have tried digital/cloud-based formats in the past, including Evernote, but always returned to paper

- Cumbersome paper system means I don’t always carry it, which leads to notes scattered in more than one place

- Want to condense to a single source, so that means cloud-based.

- Wanted to try Evernote again, so I was researching methods, and came across The Secret Weapon, which seems to reduce the overwhelming feeling I got the last time I tried transitioning from paper to digital

- Have already copied everything from print to Evernote and gotten rid of the paper, so there’s no going back. It’s currently a big blob that needs to be sorted out.

I’m about halfway through The Secret Weapon’s manifesto, under the heading “Wrap up that Conversation”, and a question came to mind. Say I’m putting together a list of things that I want to accomplish this upcoming weekend. In my paper system I would go through my current projects or notes, pick out some tasks, and create/print out a “To-Do list”. Using EN/TSW I would probably mark these with the context tag ‘1-Now’ or ‘2-Next’, if they were individual entries/notes I had created. But what if some of the tasks are steps that already exist in active projects? For example: to start moving my laundry room wall out, I might choose to remove the drywall from the framing, which is in my paper system under ‘Project > Kitchen Renovation’, and I might also want to 1) pick up a new battery for my VW Beetle and 2) check the brake lines, both of which would come from ‘Project > ACVW’. Do I create new notes for each of these individual tasks so I can tag them with the appropriate context, or do I continue as I have, by creating one ‘to-do’ note with all of these things, along with other jobs that might need done?

Thank you for any help/insight/suggestions on this matter.

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I am also trying TSW for second time..I think the answer to your question would be is where are those tasks currently?? if they are individual notes retag them with @Home 1-Now...if not individual notes currently you could do as Daniel Gold suggests in his EBOOK on EN and create a Master Project list and put check boxes...then search: todo uncompleted and all unchecked items should come up...the key to any GTD system is to make it work for you so you don't spend more time managing the system and less on getting things done...hope this helps

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This is why I built my system in three pieces - each leveraging it's strength.

1. Evernote to remember everything - Resource File in GTD Terms.

2. iCal / google calendar for time dependent reminders.

3. Omnifocus for task management.

For me Evernote is the best reference system but a lousy reminder or task list manager. I encourage you to find what works well for you and not try to force anyone else's system if it doesn't feel right.

Best wishes finding your perfect system.

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Hi Jayanu!

I'm Karol, the CEO of a company that will release in December 2012 EverDo.it for iPad. This should be a solution for 365 tags ;-)

You create a task from a note. You create a task from a part of a note (that's what I like most :-) )

You have a calendar where you put your time - sensitive tasks.

Would love to hear your feedback.



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