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  1. Wave does not take audio...you snap picture with app on phone and notes go to whatever cloud service you have designated..I have two separate EN notebooks plus google drive designated depending on note...you use the Pilot Frixion Erasable ink pen...in April new version will be released where you simply wipe with moist cloth no microwaving
  2. I use Wave notebook by Rocketbook...you can choose from 8 or so cloud services to upload picture of the note..can choose which notebook you want notes in evernote to be placed....once notebook full you microwave all notes erased and you can re use notebook
  3. Is there any way to show the reminder date in list view instead of the date the reminder was created?
  4. Gatorbrit I too have been wanting to have EN be my GTD task manager..have tried most of the apps on the market and have been testing The Secret Weapon and Nirvana...love nirvana but do not like having to enter tasks in two place add link to EN note etc...Will look at your set up as way to go.. TSW takes too much time to manage instead of getting things done...one clarification for me...how do you view notebooks in stacks on IPHONE? Not sure if I need to change a setting or something... Thanks
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