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  1. Wave does not take audio...you snap picture with app on phone and notes go to whatever cloud service you have designated..I have two separate EN notebooks plus google drive designated depending on note...you use the Pilot Frixion Erasable ink pen...in April new version will be released where you simply wipe with moist cloth no microwaving
  2. I use Wave notebook by Rocketbook...you can choose from 8 or so cloud services to upload picture of the note..can choose which notebook you want notes in evernote to be placed....once notebook full you microwave all notes erased and you can re use notebook
  3. Yes it showed up but can not find evernote other than evernote touch and I don't have touch screen...I have EN shortcut on screen but cannot get that as choice
  4. HMMM ....I too had forgotten this technique...just tried on windows 10 and did not work kept asking what app to open with and EN was not a choice to choose even tho it is on desktop
  5. Is there any way to show the reminder date in list view instead of the date the reminder was created?
  6. I did set date but it only shows date reminder added not the date to be reminded
  7. I added a reminder to a note. I am viewing the note in Top List view on Windows 8 with the Reminder category showing. It shows the reminder was added 10 minutes ago not the date to be reminded? Is it possible to show reminder date?
  8. I am not finding the reminder in side or top list view as described is not available?
  9. Still not working for me...
  10. JenT upgrading to Premium will not solve your issue...I am premium user and cannot access Office docs in Presentation like you. I posted a question last week and was told it will be coming soon to Windows. Currently I use IPAD for presentations since office doc links do work on IPAD. Not ideal but works
  11. If you are using Windows clicking links like office documents does not work.I found that links work on IPAD. Supposedly full access will be available in Windows soon
  12. Thanks Gazumped... playing with PDF now to see if it works... first attempt did not...will continue to work with to see if I can make it work
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