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  1. I had a post written out how and why I got to where I am, and it got pretty lengthy, which I know people tend to ignore, so I’m deleting it all and putting it in ‘Cliff notes’ format: - Preferred and used a paper-based GTD system for a couple of years - Have tried digital/cloud-based formats in the past, including Evernote, but always returned to paper - Cumbersome paper system means I don’t always carry it, which leads to notes scattered in more than one place - Want to condense to a single source, so that means cloud-based. - Wanted to try Evernote again, so I was researching methods, and came across The Secret Weapon, which seems to reduce the overwhelming feeling I got the last time I tried transitioning from paper to digital - Have already copied everything from print to Evernote and gotten rid of the paper, so there’s no going back. It’s currently a big blob that needs to be sorted out. I’m about halfway through The Secret Weapon’s manifesto, under the heading “Wrap up that Conversation”, and a question came to mind. Say I’m putting together a list of things that I want to accomplish this upcoming weekend. In my paper system I would go through my current projects or notes, pick out some tasks, and create/print out a “To-Do list”. Using EN/TSW I would probably mark these with the context tag ‘1-Now’ or ‘2-Next’, if they were individual entries/notes I had created. But what if some of the tasks are steps that already exist in active projects? For example: to start moving my laundry room wall out, I might choose to remove the drywall from the framing, which is in my paper system under ‘Project > Kitchen Renovation’, and I might also want to 1) pick up a new battery for my VW Beetle and 2) check the brake lines, both of which would come from ‘Project > ACVW’. Do I create new notes for each of these individual tasks so I can tag them with the appropriate context, or do I continue as I have, by creating one ‘to-do’ note with all of these things, along with other jobs that might need done? Thank you for any help/insight/suggestions on this matter.
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