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  1. Hi Jorge, this is a nice feature. Quite similar to our "reference" feature in SmartTM. Using SmartTM you can attach existing notes to tasks and / or projects. Cheers, Karol
  2. Dear All, some time passed since I have visited this forum :-) But those months have been really productive. What has changed: a) we have released the Android version to the Google Play. Our app is also available on Samsung Apps... we are in the final process of having a really reliable web app. We have decided to rebuild the web app in many areas, that's why it's taking so long... c) we have won the "Ericsson Mobile ID" contest, adding to iOS and Android the Ericsson's secure login. d) we are the semi-finalists of Ericsson Application Awards OK :-) That's for now. Will catch up later. Any comments or suggestions are more than welcomed. Karol
  3. Hey All :-) First of all - happy new year :-) I'll just update you what has changed in our app during the last couple of months. First of all, we did manage to be one of the Evernote Devcup finalists. Check more here: www.smarttm.com We have polished the iOS version, adding some features and also business notebooks. We've been also working really hard on web and Android versions. And this is the main point why I write this post. We are looking for web and Android beta testers. All of you are more than welcomed. Just shoot me an email at kstojek@onemln.com Thanks! Karol
  4. Hey once again :-) As some of you probably know we did manage with the next app (not everdo.it) to be one of the Evernote DevCup 2013. The new app name is SmartTM. You can find some more here: www.smarttm.com Right now it's available on iOS - iPhone and iPad. But in January we want to have a working solution for Android and also a web version. We are looking for beta testers of Android and web. Should you be interested, just shoot me an email kstojek@onemln.com Thanks! Karol
  5. Hey Chris, I'll send you a PM with all the details. Please wait till next week. It will be available not to the public - only the chosen ones will have access to it ;-) In the meantime another good news - the update to the app is available. We have added some nice features: a) you can decide what to do with a note connected to a completed task, you can link notes to tasks or projects as reference, and and and :-) Hope you will like it. Thanks, Karol
  6. Hey Chris, the web version should work. And at the same time it should be solved with the iPad / iPhone. Happy to have you on board, Chris :-) Thanks a ton. Karol
  7. Hi Chris, thanks. We were working really hard. I think that you should remember the first release (the disaster ;-) ) in January and are able to tell the difference ;-) It's not integrating with the Business Version YET. But it will. Keep you updated. Chris, and how about beta testing the web version? Would you like to join us? Hope you will agree. thanks, Karol
  8. Hey there :-) Our app for iPad has been chosen the Best Evernote Business Integration: SmartTM in the Evernote DevCup 2013 Click here to read more We are currently searching for Web and iPhone beta testers - the tests should start really any day. Contact us using the contact form on our website here: Contact Thanks, Karol
  9. Best Evernote Business Integration: SmartTM We have been chosen the category winner in the DevCup 2013 Much more can be found here: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/08/02/announcing-the-devcup-2013-category-winners/
  10. And just to update you - SmartTM... http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/08/02/announcing-the-devcup-2013-category-winners/
  11. As you know, I'm the CEO of the company that released SmartTM - a task manager for Evernote What we did manage? This: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/08/02/announcing-the-devcup-2013-category-winners/
  12. Goooood NEWS! Our app is finally available on iTunes here: iTunes Feel free to comment and share your opinions. We will soon release also the free, trial version.
  13. Of course I have. Try IQTell on Android or iPad. True, it's a very powerfull app, but I gave up. It's way too complicated for me. As you probably know, I'm professionally involved with SmartGtd app. It will be uploaded to iTunes this Friday. So during the weekend or next week it will be available. Further, we have applied to the Evernote DevCup 2013. Hope that you will give a test drive to our app and vote for us in the DevCup. Due to the DevCup we will also have a discounted price. Any comments are welcomed. Karol
  14. All of you that would like to see how the app works are invited to the first public G+ hangout. Will take place on Tuesday, 8PM CET You can find it here: CLICK
  15. Hi All :-) You can find the G+ hangout here: CLICK
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