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  1. Of course I have. Try IQTell on Android or iPad. True, it's a very powerfull app, but I gave up. It's way too complicated for me. As you probably know, I'm professionally involved with SmartGtd app. It will be uploaded to iTunes this Friday. So during the weekend or next week it will be available. Further, we have applied to the Evernote DevCup 2013. Hope that you will give a test drive to our app and vote for us in the DevCup. Due to the DevCup we will also have a discounted price. Any comments are welcomed. Karol
  2. Hi, anyone that wants to test the new EverDo.it for iPad - we will make the app soon free (with limitations, it will be a "trial" version). This will allow you to have the same tags in the task app (EverDo.it) and in Evernote (no changes). Right now we are adding a nice feature for reminders. iCal integration is done (so you can add time to your scheduled tasks like meetings, etc), you can add due date. I would say that this solves some of the issues raised in this discussion (like same tags in EverDo.it and Evernote), lack of Calendar integration, easy project / context view. Ability to change the name of a project in EverDo.it (this will automatically change the tag name in Evernote). Some more can bee seen here: Facebook Don't look on our web - page - we have put all our efforts in development and left the web page unattended... ;-) We've been working really hard the last months. But we are proud. Our beta testers (well, most of them) are happy. But there are some people that suggest some improvements. And we are working on that. BTW, if anyone of you wants to join on the latest stage of beta - testing (well, for 1 week) of the iPad version, all of you are welcomed. Further all of the beta testers will be invited to iPhone beta tests (will start in 2-3 weeks) and web version test. I've promised 1 thing that is still in progress - the Android version. But it will come. For sure it will be available. As soon as the update and free version is available, I'll update you. It will be within the next 1,5 week (well, before the start of the Evernote DevCup - the 28th of June). Thanks, Karol
  3. @AdmiralP - yes, web and Android is under development. We want to have a cross-platform solution. I know, some allergic to Apple ;-) BTW, Everdo.it is available in Appstore here: iTunes
  4. Hi, I'm Karol, the CEO of OneMln, the developer of www.everdo.it EverDo.it is an app that allows you to create tasks / events out of notes or part of them. It also allows you to put an event / task to your calendar. The iPad version will be available this month. So to sum it up - EverDo.it adds the GTD experience to Evernote :-) You're all invited to comment on our GTD app for Evernote lovers Would really appreciate your feedback! Regards, Karol
  5. Hi, like I've written in another topic. I (or rather we, as there are 3 of us) have developed an app that should be a good solution for Evernote and GTD. You are all invited to www.everdo.it Tomorrow we will post new screen shots and we want to involve people in the process of developing new features. Should you need more on this topic, just email me karol@ft-point.com Hope to hear from you, Karol
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