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(Archived) Firefox clipper - have to login to Evernote each time?

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In the beginning, checking the "remember me" seemed to work fine. Recently, I have to login pretty much everytime I need to clicp something, unless of course I do it in the same "browser session". Shouldn't the "remember me" use some sort of cookie, so regardless of how many times I restart the browser, it will still remember me?

Using Firefox 3.0.1 on Mac 10.5.5.

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The "remember me" will do this unless you've configured your browser to throw away our cookies when you quit the browser. You may want to double-check the add-ons you've installed. We've seen that several of these may disrupt our ability to operate correctly.

In the FF preferences, under Privacy, you should ideally have your cookies configured like:


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Check your security/privacy settings to make sure that you're accepting cookies, and that you don't have "Private Browsing" enabled or any third-party add-ons that may disrupt cookies. The only time we make you log in is when your browser doesn't give us back the valid login information we gave it last time.

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web clipper is still a pain and asks me to log in more often than not. really annoying and obstructing my use of this otherwise promising product.

Same here, unfortunately :( And I haven't had time to check if it's any of my firefox plugins that's causing it.

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