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  1. I've had the same problem. It was about a week ago.
  2. Almost 2 years later and this is still a problem.
  3. Didn't even know I wanted this. Thanks. Now, is there a way to just do the date? I don't need the time and it would be a cleaner entry without it.
  4. While this was broken for me for a few weeks, it has been fine now for quite a while. I didn't do anything deliberately to fix it.
  5. I sometimes print to PDF using PDF995. PDF995 saves those PDFs directly to the PDF import folder for Evernote. But those PDF files don't appear in Evernote. The workaround is to drag them to the desktop and then back into the import folder they came from. At that point, they immediately appear in Evernote. But this adds several steps to the import process. Using Evernote
  6. It seems that this has reared it's ugly head again. I started having this problem again a couple of days ago. Nothing has changed on my system as far as I know.
  7. As Crane describes, this was all much more functional in ver 2.2. Sure, there are lots of improvements in ver 3. But managing our data isn't one of them. For those who like to manage their data instead of tweaking their searches, ver 3 is a huge step backward in this area. The two big losses in my mind are the lack of auto tagging and hierarchical tags. We all think and work differently. While I switched to ver 3 shortly after it came out, I still struggle with extracting data I need because I can't organize it the way I think.
  8. I have exactly the same problem. Like you, I haven't found anything to identify or troubleshoot the problem. Firefox 3.5.3 on Windows XP. -- Marty
  9. I am glad that I easily found the answer to the same question, but would also like to see this functionality. The need was acknowledged by enabling us to tag clips when we create them. Marty
  10. And as one of the Free users, I expect things like this. But I would expect that premium service (at least at some level) would eliminate the ads completely. Marty
  11. Yeah, except for the fact that you can clip notes into a notebook automatically, i.e., select the notebook you want, clip away, and they all go into the right place. Even with a decent tag hierarchy, I would have to remember to tag my notes after clipping The additional feature that is needed to make the whole issue of organization more efficient would be automatic tagging similar to EN 2.2 which could "assign filters to any category, effectively turning it into an Auto Category." But that is only the efficiency issue of getting things tagged. This, combined with the ability to have a Tag hierarchy when desired, would be truly a huge improvement. There are several things that make the various flavors of Evernote great: Clipping (in both, but EN3 is more flexible); synchronizing to the web (EN3), searching (EN3 is a bit better); Categories (EN2.2); AutoCategories and filters to create them (EN2.2). To maintain its greatness, Evernote needs to get these all working together. Tons of clips and notes that can't be organized the way we think isn't the best solution to information overload. And we all work and think differently. Evernote needs to be flexible enough to support a larger group. Maybe Evernote 4. -- Marty
  12. Same problem here. No clipper in Notification Area (System Tray). Windows XP Home w/SP3. Reinstall didn't help. (But I didn't install the Firefox/Thunderbird or Outlook clippers. I wouldn't think that should matter, but wanted to let you know it wasn't a default install. Is there a specific process we could look for to see if it is an icon problem or if the program really isn't running? (In EN 2.2, the process was UniClipper.exe) Marty
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