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  1. I'm tempted to say "about time" since you've been working for this for over a month - after Lion came out, but I'm just happy something is finally here, so I'll install this beta and hope for a final version soon. Thanks
  2. Is there a way to see the "source code" for a note? I'm just curious to see what it all looks like behind the scenes, cause all the extra lines are so annoying!! I hate having to clean up linebreaks almost everytime I decrypt text in a note - and the bug was filed two months ago, according to engberg.
  3. I'm having this bug too (and I've mentioned it in here before, too). Any updates on a bug fix?
  4. I've been playing around with Spotlight and Evernote this evening and I think I have it fixed now. I'm not sure exactly what it was that fixed it, but I also made sure to remove this folder "Library / Caches / Metadata / com.evernote.Evernote" - and restart Mac and then launch Evernote. Also tried to add the "com.evernote.Evernote" folder to "Spotlight Privacy" and remove it again to see if that would trigger an indexing. I think it works now, but I don't know for how long Oh, and thanks to Evernote support for actually contacting me on this matter without me having to create a support ticket first!
  5. I'm still having this problem. Tried to remove the metadata folder but that didn't help. I still have to add " --" to my Spotlightsearches, like this: keyword -- Otherwise Evernote results just doesn't show up in Spotlight.. Should I create a support ticket?
  6. The problem also applies to just regular text, not in tables. I have some text seperated with a few tabs. When I click on the "decrypt" button to decrypt my text and edit it, it's fine (at first). Then if I activate another window, like Firefox or whatever, the decrypted text hides again behind the "******"-button, clicking the button now and boom - linebreaks will have multiplied 4 or 5 times. It's insanely useless to encrypt notes when it mess up linebreaks THIS BAD. Update: I don't know if it's only because linebreaks are used as delimiter, but I found that when I removed all linebreaks (including the ones that has to be there), and then created new linebreaks and simply put a "-" as delimiter instead of a linebreak, then multiple linebreaks are not added later. Yet, at least.
  7. Not asking HOW to do it - but IF you do it, platform doesn't matter But thanks for the link anyway.
  8. Greetings! I was curious, does anyone backup their Evernote data or do you just stick with the versions you have synced to Evernotes servers? I assume, if somebody gets access to your Evernote installation and deletes all your notes, they will be gone from Evernote servers on the next sync, without any "undo" option?
  9. I was searching for such a thread but didn't find any. I probably didn't use the right search words. Thanks!
  10. As I understand it, whatever we put into online notebooks in Evernote, are stored unencrypted on the Evernote servers. I know Evernote says that their servers are very well protected, but our data is still available to a good hacker or thieves, should they decide to raid the data center. Not to mention, if you're tin-foil hat kinda guy, how the government is looking into your personal notes on a weekly basis I'm only bringing this up because I've started to look at online backup services such as Mozy, Backblaze, iDrive etc. All of them of course stores your data encrypted, but some of them also allows you to define your own private encryption key, meaning the key never leaves your head/source computer. Also means, if you forget the key, your backup data is lost. It's a risk (if you forget/lose the key) but it gives better security. So that made me think about Evernote. The only thing between all my personal notes, invoices, top secret missilie defense intelligence and to-do lists, are my username and a password - a password which I think is not even needed if somebody has physical access to Evernote servers. I do encrypt notes that have sensitive information but it's too cumbersome having to encrypt everything that you'd rather not have 'out there'. (I'm not paranoid - but I'm also not totally confident about putting everything 'out there' without encryption). What do you think, do you worry about it or not?
  11. I pointed Evernote support to this thread and they replied like this: I was actually not even using the newest version, I was using 1.8.1 and 1.8.2 is out - so I'll give that a try and see if it helps, though the 1.8.2 release notes doesn't mention anything, but it still might have been solved.
  12. It seems every time I open (decrypt) a note that has a table in it (the actual table is encrypted), several linebreaks are added to each cell. What used to be like one line of text per row, has now turned into the row being almost as high as my entire screen, that's quite a lot of scrolling if I have to get down to row 10... And there doesn't seem to be any easy way of removing them, except deleting linebreaks from every cell manually (and there are 4 columns, so quite a lot of cells I have to go through). Anyone else experienced this? Edit: I have tried to do without a table and simply have a tab-based list, like this: Header #1 Header #2 Content #1 Content #2 But after encrypting and decrypting it, it now looks like this: Header #1 Header #2 Content #1 Content #2 Something seems to be wrong...?
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