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(Archived) REQUEST: Purchase a PDF annotation program

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Don't mean to be negative, and thanks for the suggestion; but there are already several PDF edit apps out there. If Evernote introduced a new service with only one of them, all the users who prefer a different system will immediately 1) complain and 2) possibly move elsewhere. When you have more than 20M users, that's a lot of unhappy people no matter how small the percentage involved. Also Evernote are about external brains and remembering things - word processing and PDF architecture wouldn't seem like areas in which they'd have any special expertise or want to be involved. Subject to reversal by any Evernote employee (it does happen) I wouldn't hold your breath..

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Purchase a PDF annotation program (preferably one with desktop and mobile clients).

I hope to see something like this soon, as it will really take EN to the next level.

Love Evernote!!

hi. interesting idea. evernote may well do it. but, i am hoping they don't. i think the less they encroach on the territory of powerful, dedicated apps like adobe acrobat pro (desktop) or iannotate (ios), the better. they need to stick to their core competency amd get the notetaking right. i've posted wishlists for the osx and ios platforms. pdf annotation (even though i work extensively with pdfs) isn't on the lists.

then again, neither are audio notes, and evernote put that into the app, so you never know :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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