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(Archived) HOWTO: Change order of attached PDFs?

Walter Mitty



As an example of using a note to take company minutes. I started a new note and attached a couple of pdfs for Jan and Mar. Now I want to insert a pdf of Feb between Jan and Mar. How do I go in and do that? I can't seem to insert a pdf between two existing ones and I would love to keep them in chronological order.

Thanks in advance.


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If you still have the original Jan Feb and March PDFs; you could try again.

But my preference would be to keep them in 3 separate notes, linked together with the same tag.

Changing the Created Date will allow you to adjust the chronological order.

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Welcome to the forums, Walter Mitty.

I believe (though haven't tried this to confirm) you can also choose to view PDFs as attachments, then copy and paste the attachments to be in the order you want. (And then switch back to view them inline if you want.) Does that work?

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