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(Archived) Can't find "Add Tags" field on my toolbar


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If you're talking about the toolbar in your individual note, is there a small blue arrow pointing down in the top right corner of the window next to the notebook drop-down box? If so, click the arrow.

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There's no Add Tags available for the toolbar. Not sure when it disappeared. You can add tags any number of ways, but dragging a tag onto a note or vice-versa, by using the Assign Tags dialog (Ctrl+Alt+T), by using the Tag control on the note info panel (you may have to expand it using F8). You can drag your Tag list up onto the toolbar and use that.

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F8 will also work, by toggling through the 3 types of "Note Info" The "Click to add tag..." option will show up.

Ctrl + F8 will toggle the "editing bar" on and off.

Tip: To maximize the amount of viewable content area, toggle off 1.) the note info and 2.) the editing bar.

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Thank you.... To disable the labels helps a lot, as it enlarges the area that is clickable to add a new tag and makes the feature possible to use with small windows. 


To me, tagging a note should be as easy as possible, otherwise I will not do it.So I still do not understand why the small blue tag-icon cannot be clicked on to add a tag. When opening a single note in a very narrow window, the tags and the arrow-down-Icon disappear, while the blue icon remains, even though in itself it is useless.



Using Evernote 5.03 on Windows 7

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