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(Archived) Deleting labels versus deleting a label


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I was cleaning up some notes and relabeling some notes I had. I wanted to remove a label from a note so I clicked on it and removed it. Suddenly the entire group of searchresults-notes disappeared. I had not removed a label from a note but removed the label all together. I had to search through a lot of notes to find and relabel the notes.

Second time I opened the note I wanted to remove a label from instead of working in the EN-window. I clicked on the note and saw two options:

  • verwijder
  • verwijderen

Both mean remove. I guessed the first was removing a label which was correct. But maybe some more clearer menu-names and warnings are in place.




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You should use the Assign Tags (Ctrl+Alt+T) dialog in the Windows client to do tag maintenance on a collection of notes.

e.g. Uncheck the tag in the dialog to remove the tag from all selected notes, and, just those notes.

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One means Remove (as in, Remove this tag from the note)

The other means Delete (as in, Delete this tag altogether).

I don't know Dutch (but I like your licorice :o), so I don't know how appropriate those labels are; clearing up the terminology should help. On the other hand, deleting a tag will bring up an "Are you sure?" message, unless you've disabled it.

If you just want to remove a tag from a note, hover over the tag in the note info area, and click on the 'x' that appears on the tag's button. Note that if you have a search filter active, removing a tag from a note may make it so that the note no longer matches the search criteria, and so the note may 'disappear' from the view, which might be a little surprising at first.

Owyn's tip about using the Assign Tags dialog is a good one.

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Additionally, at least in the English version, before deleting a tag, you are asked:

"Are you sure you want to delete the tag "things" (or whatever your tag name is)" This will also delete sub-tags & cannot be undone."

The user is allowed the option to turn this message off. If you do so, then there you go...

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More than a year after the first post the problem is still there. It may seem obviuos but there is very subtle difference between "delete" and "remove"...and in the Spanish version they even used the same word for both! "eliminar".  Is not to reopen the topic as a discussion, I just had the same problem as arjanbroere a few days ago and amazes me that this amtter is so old...and relatively easy.


It should be included on the list of things to improve in a future version. 

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