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  1. Yes, I have backups but no so recent that they would have all the right tags. It is something I was working on. Wise lesson to manually back up.
  2. Hi, I selected a bunch of notes and wanted to add a tag. In adding the mix of autocorrection and my typing led me to delete the tag of this specific note selection. I quickly went off line but saw that the notes were untagged. Is there any way of finding these notes again? I have over 10.000 notes and the chances are not too high that I will find all the notes that had that specific tag very easily. By the way, typing in the tags-field when multiple tags are selected is a mess :-( Thanks in advance, Arjan
  3. On the Windowsverson I can see it. If I look at the preferences in Mac OS it is missing and I don't know another place to set preferences.
  4. Hi, Did I miss something or is the satellite icon from the Mac OS-version gone? If I set a reminder I get a notification in the notification centre of the Mac and I see the Evernote badge in the doc jump with a red number but there is no in-app communication or reminder of the reminder as there used to be with the satellite icon. Or did I somehow disable something? I can't find it as a feature to add to my bar. Thanks in advance, Arjan
  5. Hi, Thanks for all the progress and updates. One thing, can I turn the automatic bulleting off? It is one of the features I very much dislike in word processors since I want my texts clear of formatting. I can imagine a lot of people like it but to me it is the MsWordification of Evernote. Greetings, Arjan
  6. Thanks a million for fixing ⌘-' Good to have quick access to labels. The issue I now have is that the quick formatting via markdown commands seems to be lost. Or am I missing something? Greetings, Arjan
  7. Hi, Just used the Evernote iOS-app on iPad and iPhone to scan a businesscard but the LinkedIn-info does not appear after scanning. I have connected LinkedIn to Evernote from the camerasettings and filled out my own info. In the video on the EN-blog after scanning the businesscard automatically LinkedIn-info is added. This does not happen when I scan a card. If I save the scan and open it I see no reference to LinkedIn what so ever. Anyone an idea what I am doing wrong? Groet, Arjan
  8. hi, I was cleaning up some notes and relabeling some notes I had. I wanted to remove a label from a note so I clicked on it and removed it. Suddenly the entire group of searchresults-notes disappeared. I had not removed a label from a note but removed the label all together. I had to search through a lot of notes to find and relabel the notes. Second time I opened the note I wanted to remove a label from instead of working in the EN-window. I clicked on the note and saw two options: verwijder verwijderen Both mean remove. I guessed the first was removing a label which was correct. But maybe some more clearer menu-names and warnings are in place. Groet, Arjan
  9. Thanks for the comments. @Jefito, I don't really use the note-to-note reference so I'll give it a try. @GrumpMonkey, true. You can keep asking features at the risk of over-featuring EN. I guess sorting notes to me still is part of remembering ;-) I saw the same question already was posted on the forum. I'll check those remarks also. Thanks, Arjan
  10. Dear Evernoters, What I'd really like is some way to arrange notes in the viewing pane. I write a lot and use Evernote to store ideas, links, snippets, ... When I start writing I get all the notes with the tags and start to type. If there were a phase between the unordered notes and the writing, like Scrivener let's you arrange the cards with text, that would be a big plus. Something like this: http://kelliforniadreaming.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/scrivener2.jpg Greetings, Arjan
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