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  1. Yes, I have backups but no so recent that they would have all the right tags. It is something I was working on. Wise lesson to manually back up.
  2. Hi, I selected a bunch of notes and wanted to add a tag. In adding the mix of autocorrection and my typing led me to delete the tag of this specific note selection. I quickly went off line but saw that the notes were untagged. Is there any way of finding these notes again? I have over 10.000 notes and the chances are not too high that I will find all the notes that had that specific tag very easily. By the way, typing in the tags-field when multiple tags are selected is a mess :-( Thanks in advance, Arjan
  3. On the Windowsverson I can see it. If I look at the preferences in Mac OS it is missing and I don't know another place to set preferences.
  4. Hi, Did I miss something or is the satellite icon from the Mac OS-version gone? If I set a reminder I get a notification in the notification centre of the Mac and I see the Evernote badge in the doc jump with a red number but there is no in-app communication or reminder of the reminder as there used to be with the satellite icon. Or did I somehow disable something? I can't find it as a feature to add to my bar. Thanks in advance, Arjan
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