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(Archived) REQUEST: Hover-over "string" links



It would be awesome if you can create a "string" link. A string is just a word, sentence, paragraph, etc.

So say, when you click / hover over the word "bees" on your note, a small bubble would appear right above it, it would read the definition of of a bee. If you can't picture it, think of the autocorrect bubble that appears when you're mispelling a word on your iPod Touch/iPhone.

This would be nice, as it would simply make notes less bulky, and more clean. So instead of your note reading "I love honey, which are created by bees, an insect of a large group to which the honeybee belongs, including many solitary as well as social kinds." Your note would just read "I love honey, which are created by bees." If you happen to forget what bees are, have no fear, you "string" linked it, so you can just click the word "bees" to view the definition. I hope this is making sense... :o

I know the suggestion would be to link to another note, but thats pretty unnecessary and bloated. Right now, my notes are a mess, as I always jot down ideas sporadically. This feature would clean up the mess immensely.

Thanks, and I'd love to hear what you guys think / can suggest!

EDIT: I just remembered Evernote also has an autocorrect feature. Open up evernote and spell "schoof". It'll show the autocorrect as "school". That can be how the "string" link would appear. Yeah.

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I've seen this on websites, and personally I don't find it useful. If it just adds in dictionary definitions, you can already right click and select "Look Up" and the OS will do that for you.

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Those types of links on web sites drive me bonkers.

Accidentally move the mouse over it and the popup appears, then have to move back to the popup X to close it.

Wikipedia is more useful and far less intrusive.

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it is an interesting idea in theory, but in practice, i am not sure how evernote would implement it, or how it would improve on the current system with note links (assuming you mean to link to your note about bees and not to wikipedia or a dictionary).

to address your problem, may i suggest considering changing your system? Lots of people have written ideas in these forums about organization. i also have lots of random jottings, but i have found a way to organize it all that works for me. maybe there is one for you as well.

at any rate, i think better organization beats those popups!

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dlu and reaver, sorry I don't think I was being clear. The links wouldn't be automatic. You would have to manually add in the description you want when you click it. The description wouldn't be stored in a note or wikipedia; it would just be there. in that note.

Grumpy, yes I have recently (about a week ago actually) decided I would start organizing effectly. And it's made everything immensely easier, even as I'm still organizing. In this organizing, I thought of this idea which would make everything even more simple. I don't want to 500+ notes of definitions, when it can be fixed by a seemingly simply solution.

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