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Simple feature request: swipe left, swipe right gestures



Just a simple suggestion: implement swipe left and swipe right gestures. On the home screen, swipe left could open search page, swipe right could open note list (if would be nice if users could configure actions). Also, in the note view, swipe right could open next note... This could be an additional navigation option for users who prefer swiping to tapping buttons

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Swipe left and right just do other things in Evernote:

* swipe from the right to show the shortcuts panel (both phone and table)

* swipe from the left to show the "Home" panel (on the phone); on the tablet, this will expose the Notebook or Tags panel if they were previously activated.

Other than that, the note list is what is usually shown. In general, if you want to view notes in a notebook, you need to first select the notebook. Open the notebook panel, and select the notebook, and the notes for that notebook appear. I'm not sure what's not intuitive about that.

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