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  1. I think the status of the tag could be dictated by a right-click on the tag itself.
  2. Global find and replace would be very helpful.
  3. This feature needs ADMIN controls, badly. At a minimum, Admins should be able to: 1) control frequency of notifications 2) control whether notifications are sent at all 3) control which notebooks notifications are summarized Also, I'm unhappy that Evernote pushes out these kinds of features that affect all users without Admin approval.
  4. I really would like an option to disable this feature and/or at least GLOBALLY stop the email notifications.
  5. So I really appreciate the tag management changes in Evernote Web. However, there is a lot of unnecessary tag truncation and wasted screen space. It looks pretty silly on typical monitors. Can you guys tweak this a bit so it adjusts for better viewing? See pic. https://www.dropbox.com/s/chauhzyhtysgtyo/Evernote%20Wasted%20Screen%20Space%281%29.jpg?dl=0 P.S. What's up with the ridiculously small attachment option? 7.05KB is nothing!
  6. Thanks. I think it would be a greatly useful feature for a lot of people.
  7. Simple suggestion. Be able to convert tags in the tag filter bar to exclusion tags (i.e. the -tag: function). Perhaps a right-click option? Or holding CTRL to convert it to an exclusion tag, perhaps with a change in color (see my poor example graphic). I use the -tag function a lot. Being able to use the tag filter to do this would make things SO much easier than having to used the advanced syntax all the time. Thanks!
  8. I wanted to revisit this topic because apparently EN still cannot print a list of just tags. The options presented in this thread are unworkable for me because I have hundreds of tags and thousands of notes. I did find a workaround that works, but takes a lot of cleanup. 1) Sign into EN Web. 2) Go to Admin Tools 3) Go to Tags 4) (In Firefox) Save webpage as text file. 5) Open text file in Word. The text file will have all the tags with the usage numbers between them. Delete the top coding portions from the documents before the actual list of tags. 6) In Word, use the "text to table" to convert and clean up text (by choosing two columns). This would work beautifully if it weren't for the tag section headings. Like the "S" heading preceeding the S tags. You have to clear all those out of there to get a clean table. But it works. But seriously, there has GOT to be an easier way!
  9. I've always thought that Popplet was one of the best general tools for mind-mapping. I've always hoped that Evernote and Popplet would come together.
  10. I think you're probably right. Now, how to get around it? I wish there was something built into EN that would help, but I've tried everything. The closest thing I got was exporting to HTML and creating a macro to delete everything but what I need. It kinda worked, but was inelegant, crashed a lot, and isn't nearly as quick and easy to use as the macro we're looking at now. The other thing is that when exporting a LOT of notes in EN, exporting to enex files is reliable. Exporting lots of notes to HTML crashes EN regularly. So having a macro that works off of enex files is really the way to go.
  11. One note per row, with the body text of each note in a single cell. I know that Excel is nowhere near stressed with the amount of text per cell. As a test, I just pasted a paragraph with 5,000 words into a single Excel cell, and Excel didn't hesitate. I'd be surprised if a single note I'm trying to import exceeds 100 words. Most are less than 20 words. The problem I'm encountering has to do with the size of the .enex file itself, I think. On the one hand, if I could find a way to export to an enex without the attachments, I think my problem would be solved because the size of the enex file would plummet. Not sure how I could do that. EN has an option to download all the attachments to selected notes without the notes, but not the other way around. On the other hand, there may be some coding option that could fix whatever size limitation I'm hitting in Excel. I just don't know enough about programming in Visual Basic to know what that is.
  12. I think I might have narrowed down the problem. It seems to be a file size issue. File types under 70KB seemed to work, but over that, I had problems (see attached pics). Any way to compensate for that? Because I have HUGE .enex files that I need to import. Please don't say, "break it up into smaller files." That would be very burdensome if I had to do it that way, especially since I don't think there is a way of knowing how big the enex file will be for a given set of notes until actually exported. However, if there is, let me know.
  13. I asked the same thing in the Evernote Business forums. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/67175-evernote-to-excel-sheet-so-close-to-being-awesome/ - (no resolution) and just today, trying to get help again... https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/81248-en-to-excel-importing-note-body-text-into-excel/ The Excel macro that I found will probably work for you, since it doesn't sounds like you're dealing with attachments. I'm running into an error running the Excel macro when there are attachments (specifically pics). If anyone can look at and try this code and see if they get errors with it (I got errors 5 and 52), feel free to offer suggestions or solutions. Thanks! Evernote to Excel Macro.txt
  14. I've been trying to find a way to import Evernote Note Body Text into Excel. What is the Evernote Body Text? It's the text that is typed into the main body of the note. Just to be clear, I've attached a pic to show what I am trying to import. (And if there is a more accurate name for it, please let me know). Also, I just want the text, nothing else. No paragraph breaks, graphics or attachments. Actual text formatting (bold, underline, italics) would be fine, but I'm really most concerned about getting the note body text into an Excel cell. I'm not a programmer, but I'm absolutely desperate to find a solution to this problem and will give anything a try. Why am I desperate? I have to convert over 44,000 notes into an Excel database. Getting all the other attributes of the Evernotes is a piece of cake. Copy and paste from the list view in EN to Excel and you have all the dates, titles, tags, etc. in no time. What you don't get is the body text, and I need that (along with the other attributes). Anyway, I've come across an Excel macro that seems to work... sometimes. When it works, it gives me exactly what I need. It imports the body text of notes in an .enex file, without any formatting. But sometimes, it gives me an error (either 5 or 52), each time with respect to this routine: Open fdgOpen.SelectedItems(1) For Input As #fp WholeFileContent = Input$(LOF(fp), fp) Close #fp Can someone take a look at this code and maybe give it a test? I've attached the code in a txt file. Any help would be deeply appreciated! Thanks! (I did come to this forum several months ago and tried to get a solution, but it was never resolved. The big difference now is that I have something that does work (when it works) and I'm trying to figure out how to resolve the run errors I'm having with it). Evernote to Excel Macro.txt
  15. Unfortunately, even if Evernote chat did work for us, it still does not have admin controls (none that I'm aware of anyway). That needs to be addressed before we update.
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