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  1. Global find and replace would be very helpful.
  2. I've always thought that Popplet was one of the best general tools for mind-mapping. I've always hoped that Evernote and Popplet would come together.
  3. Much appreciated. What you are doing will allow me to spend more time working on the project and less time fighting with Evernote/Excel.
  4. Thanks Phil! I have to figure out how to apply this, but I appreciate your help!
  5. Thanks, Phil. This is an ongoing process and project. We've only made it through about 10% of the data after 2 months of work. This project is going to be around for a good while longer. However, the client needs the Excel sheets periodically to meet demands on their end and as a sort of "progress report" from us. So whatever help you can offer, believe me I am desperate for it. Creating the Excel sheets through the intensely jury-rigged system I've come up with is a pain and very time consuming. By the way, the client was pretty blown away when we showed them what we were doing with Evernote. I sat them down in our conference room, They never imagined having such a robust database. But they want us to keep the EN database and have the Excel sheets for their reference. Also, I have to report that, aside from me, the attorneys who are working on this project had never touched Evernote before. It was a learning curve for everyone. There have been show-stopping glitches from time to time, but no one doubts that EB was the right way to go. Everyone is pretty pleased with EB overall. As for a case study, I can certainly provide some insight on this monster! I feel like I've been flying by the seat of my pants since we got it. I have Evernote to thank for even being remotely able to deal with this project, but I'm not aware of any rules or guides for how to deal with its scale. So thanks in advance and in double for any help you can provide! Robert Cathcart
  6. My apologies for any confusion. I want the note body text to be able to be copied as part of a table (like list view). Everything else can be copied with ease to Excel or Word. Tags, tite, dates.... everything that shows up in the list view can be easily copied as a table (with links or without). But the note body text (which isn't part of the list view) is the thing that's not possible at this time. Hope that clears that up. This is what I can easily do: 1) First, I select some notes (CTRL C)... (I tried like heck to attach a screenshot of that, but the uploader is not playing nice today). 2) Then I paste into Excel or Word (CTRL V). With no fuss, insto-table. And that's pasted text, not links (ala table of contents). I just want all that plus a body text column. I'm hoping for EB to have this capability in the future. It practically has it now. We know EB can do a simple list view copy of note data for everything BUT the note body text. We also know that EB can export to HTML (which is rich text), and the note body text is exported as rich text in that process. So the capability is there in EB. What I propose is an export option that takes the data from the list view and adds the note body text as a column of data. Obviously, note attachments, color and such could not be part of the exported table. But that's fine because you don't use Excel for attachments and frills. It just seems to me that this isn't that much of a stretch of EB existing capabilities. And it would be a simple integration into spreadsheet and word processing programs.
  7. (This post has been edited to clear up some confusion). I would like to suggest that Evernote implement a basic rich text option for copying of its note tables for use in Excel or Word that includes the note body text. [edit] Right now, if I select some notes in the table view and copy (CTRL C), I can get a very usable table for Excel or Word, like the table attached (see below). It has everything (tags, title, dates...) but not the note body text. [edit] This table is quite useful, but it would be awesome if it could also included a rich text version of the body of the note [edit]. I know Evernote can do this because rich text is basically what you get with the HTML export. But the HTML export is a mess for Excel. All that Evernote needs is to enable rich text for this table list copy. Something like that would be EXTREMELY useful for utilizing Evernote with Excel. (The rest of this post is my particular situation, which may be of interest, but is not necessary reading for my suggestion). REVIEW PROJECT FROM HELL: My situation is that I'm an attorney that has been asked to review 1.8 TB (yes, TERAbytes) of video, audio, documents, and other files. No one knew how it could be done. Even legal document software suites balked at the size and presented very difficult (and expensive) problems if used. EVERNOTE BUSINESS TO ALLOW MULTIPLE ATTORNEY REVIEW: My solution was Evernote Business. I signed up about 8 attorneys in our firm to Evernote Business (which we hadn't been using previously). HOW TO REVIEW 1.8 TB OF DATA ON EB: The real problem was how to get Evernote set up to review all that data. Importing wasn't an option. I wasn't about to bomb Evernote with 1.8 TB of data! What I came up with was importing file shortcuts from a network drive into Evernote Business. So all the EB notes have file shortcuts to our network drive, which work flawlessly while EB is used in-house. It doesn't work remotely, but I never expected (or wanted) it to. NOT A PAINLESS PROCESS, BUT IT WORKED! Creating thousands of notes from shortcut files was a bit laborious. At first blush, it's a simple process: select a bunch of file shortcuts and "Send to" Evernote. Great... but it turns out that EB starts having problems when too many files are imported this way (and we are just talking shortcuts, mostly). I knew I was totally pushing EB to it's "I really don't think it's designed for this" limits. But I managed it by breaking up the import into parts (usually 300 files at a time or so). It has it's glitches and was a bit of a pain. I learned to pray to just about every imaginable deity when I pressed the SYNC button. But overall, it worked, and I got my firm up and running on this huge review. PRODUCT TO CLIENT: Here's the rub. EB is great for in-house, but we need to provide the client with some kind of work product. Excel was the obvious choice (everyone has it and knows or can figure out how to use it). The client didn't need the actual data (who the hell DOES need 1.8 TB of data?). The client just needed our notes/tag for review of the data. Moreover, the client did not use (nor want) to utilize EB for a laundry list of reasons. The question is HOW to get a good Excel table out of Evernote? I researched high and low but never found an EB option for simple and useable export notes to Excel. I've rigged a Word macro to help me clean up HTML exports (which I then copy to Excel), but that is a headache and incredibly time consuming with the large number of notes I have to deal with. And the simple CTRL C is SO SO close to EXACTLY what I need. It kills me that EB doesn't have this.
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