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  1. Global find and replace would be very helpful.
  2. I wanted to revisit this topic because apparently EN still cannot print a list of just tags. The options presented in this thread are unworkable for me because I have hundreds of tags and thousands of notes. I did find a workaround that works, but takes a lot of cleanup. 1) Sign into EN Web. 2) Go to Admin Tools 3) Go to Tags 4) (In Firefox) Save webpage as text file. 5) Open text file in Word. The text file will have all the tags with the usage numbers between them. Delete the top coding portions from the documents before the actual list of tags. 6) In Word, use the "text to table" to
  3. I've always thought that Popplet was one of the best general tools for mind-mapping. I've always hoped that Evernote and Popplet would come together.
  4. Much appreciated. What you are doing will allow me to spend more time working on the project and less time fighting with Evernote/Excel.
  5. Thanks Phil! I have to figure out how to apply this, but I appreciate your help!
  6. EB's inability to simply rename a business notebook (as an admin) is a serious nuisance. I'm using EB for a document review project. There are a LOT of notes and a good number of notebooks. Keeping everything in order is paramount. Well, I named a bunch of notebooks like so... Review Part 1, Review Part 2, etc. Well, then we went over ten notebooks, and now things are displaying in this order: Review Part 1, Review Part 10, Review Part 11, Review Part 12 ... Review Part 2... and so on. Literally, all I need is to add a single zero to the notebook names to get them in proper order. Bu
  7. Thanks, Phil. This is an ongoing process and project. We've only made it through about 10% of the data after 2 months of work. This project is going to be around for a good while longer. However, the client needs the Excel sheets periodically to meet demands on their end and as a sort of "progress report" from us. So whatever help you can offer, believe me I am desperate for it. Creating the Excel sheets through the intensely jury-rigged system I've come up with is a pain and very time consuming. By the way, the client was pretty blown away when we showed them what we were doing with
  8. My apologies for any confusion. I want the note body text to be able to be copied as part of a table (like list view). Everything else can be copied with ease to Excel or Word. Tags, tite, dates.... everything that shows up in the list view can be easily copied as a table (with links or without). But the note body text (which isn't part of the list view) is the thing that's not possible at this time. Hope that clears that up. This is what I can easily do: 1) First, I select some notes (CTRL C)... (I tried like heck to attach a screenshot of that, but the uploader is not playing nice to
  9. (This post has been edited to clear up some confusion). I would like to suggest that Evernote implement a basic rich text option for copying of its note tables for use in Excel or Word that includes the note body text. [edit] Right now, if I select some notes in the table view and copy (CTRL C), I can get a very usable table for Excel or Word, like the table attached (see below). It has everything (tags, title, dates...) but not the note body text. [edit] This table is quite useful, but it would be awesome if it could also included a rich text version of the body of the note
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