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(Archived) Database error message



When I try to start Evernote on my Macbook Pro (Lion), I receive this message:

Internal database error has occurred that prevents Evernote from functioning properly.

I am unable to start Evernote.

I looked at the Knowledge Base regarding this error. I cannot find the `\Library\Application Support path that shows Evernote on my laptop.

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Thanks for the reply. The terminal command did work, but moving the Evernote icon in that directory didn't make the database error message disappear, and Evernote still does not start.

You may want to submit a ticket to Evernote Support to help you with the specifics of your environment.


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Are all your notes sync'd? Do you have any local notebooks?

I have Evernote on my android phone, and it says it just synced my notes. Still unable to open Evernote on my laptop. Am hoping to get a reply from Evernote technical support.

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Does anyone know, if I uninstall Evernote from my laptop, and reinstall it, and I sync it with my android and online Evernote account, will I still have all my notes?

Does "local notes" refer to those online or on the phone, other than notes on the computer?

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