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(Archived) Best pdf Reader/Viewer — recommendations?

Shepherd Jim

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A lot of my EN notes are in the pdf format. I'm hoping more experienced users will share their thoughts about which is the best "pdf app" to use in conjunction with Evernote.

In Evernote for Android when I open a note that's in the pdf format I see a gray "Attachment" rectangle showing the a pdf filename (e.g. "RggKnivesBrenner.pdf"). The "Complete action using" ?? window opens. I had been using something called "PDF to Go" rather than "Quickoffice", but it would often crash -- "Force Close" or "Report"

I have recently re-installed the official Adobe "Adobe Reader" and it seems to be playing nicely with the EN pdfs.

Is there a better option? I see there is a Repligo Reader (Cerience.com $4.99) for Android. I know Repligo from long ago in my Palm Pilot years. Does anyone have experience with Repligo and Evernote on Android phones?

On the PC desktop for the past few months I've been using Nitro Reader to access pdf's -- it's lighter than Acrobat.


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I tried a few options and wound up with something that glories in the name "ezpdf reader". (I tend to lurk in Android app review sites to keep my choices up to date.)

"Plenty of PDF readers are available for Android devices, and a number of them are free. But ezPDF is by far the best of the bunch." Daniel A. Begun, author of Amazing Android Apps For Dummies

You can edit and annotate PDFs and the app will - allegedly, haven't tried this yet - read a file to you if required. It's also smart enough to fade the toolbars away and leave a full screen when you're simply reading.

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While nothing (yet) compares to the iPad's amazing Goodreader, I currently use and highly recommend ezPDF.

t isn't perfect, but it's definitely the most feature-packed app in the category. In an effort to find the best tool for the job, I've tried every Android PDF annotation app with the exception of FoxIt Reader (as of February 2012).

RepliGo is good, but it's primary strength--being the only Android app capable of annotation--is no longer true. RepliGo does render quickly, but ezPDF has not only added annotation tools, but has a better annotation interface. Mantano is also excellent, but it does not seem to embed annotations in the PDF file.

I second ezPDF. I think it is better than Repligo and I have tried both.

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