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  1. It's been 24 hours since the screen capture. If I look at the info for that note, it says "1 image has not been indexed". Subsequent screen captures that I didn't "markup up" were all indexed.
  2. I took a screen capture and immediately added text to the image using the "Markup" option. I noticed that the image never got indexed. Subsequent screen captures that weren't "marked up" got properly indexed. (270046) Evernote premium user
  3. hi, Mr. Bartman: is the feature implemented in this thread? http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/23275-why-i-cant-modify-my-pdfs-on-mobile/ . I still can't modify the pdf file in the android version of evernote

    1. junbochen


      btw, the version i'm using is 5.0.5

    2. Bartman001


      Unfortunately not. The latest version is now 5.1

  4. I truly don't think this an Evernote issue. I think some of us are lucky and our phone carrier (Mine is Sprint) has made it part of their package to bring up the dialer if It recognizes a phone number. The phone numbers aren't highlighted and show up as plane text but have to be in the ten digit format (xxx-xxx-xxxx). Maybe we can request that Evernote provide the capability to recognize phone numbers like most other programs and provide a link to bring up the dialer. Here is a link to a short video of how I use Evernote and phone numbers. http://player.vimeo.com/video/53371918 I hope this helps.
  5. I hope you guys resolve your problem. I use this function all the time and it works for me. I'm using the latest version of evernote with Jelly Bean on my GS3.
  6. I have a GS3 with 4.1.1 and have no problems selecting a phone number in a ten digit format (xxx-xxx-xxxx). It has to be exactly ten digits in that format. No other combinations work.
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