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  1. Skitch on Windows 8 is fine. Unfortunately, Windows 8 on a non-touchscreen device (especially a desktop) is highly irritating. I've been using it on a few machines for about a month now, and my frustration levels have not decreased with time.
  2. @JMichael, a style is not "simply a set of formats", unless you are referring only to the style markup for a span or div tag, etc. In fact, how a style appears is secondary to its logical value: Heading 1 is above Heading 2, which is above Heading 3, etc. By simply dividing a document with headings, and letting the end user's app do the formatting work, a note's structure can be shared and re-shared and always look appropriate to whoever's got it loaded at the moment. Even better, they paste to and from MS Word, wikis, and other apps without any bizarre forced formatting. Kustomnote is a great start! Many of its features are things I've wanted in Evernote for a while. I can't wait for Evernote to buy it and integrate it with the desktop app. KustomNotes look good, but even better is the attempt to embed data in fields. Nice!
  3. +200 for headings. It's crazy to have an unfiltered dropdown of every font on my system, but no provision for inserting meaningful core styles. I wrote more about this in a post in a different discussion, since there are so many requests for headings. My summarized arguments for headings: Structure, organization, standards and accessibility (and ADA/508 compliance), the latter of which is a requirement the my state University at which I work.
  4. I want paragraph styles/headings because I don't want a rich text mess. Having thousands of font and size combinations doesn't provide structure or meaning, but styles and headings do. I appreciate the capturing a page's "look", but most important is capturing content's value, which is often in the text and media. And, if value lies completely in appearance, Evernote has a (great) screenshot tool. Content value is tied closely to structure and organization, and that is what headings make possible. I remain perplexed by Evernote listing every useless font in my system while still not providing an interface for a basic hypertext standard like headings. It even affects potential income, if one assumes my office is not unique. Using styling with semantic meaning is a must for accessibility, and Evernote's lack of headings has actually been a block to its adoption in the state University at which I work.
  5. A focus on collecting information quickly would support meaningful styles. Setting the font and size of words and sentences is precisely the kind of word-processor fiddling Evernote isn't for. However, adding semantic meaning and structure quickly with styles and headings is. Editing a Word document from Evernote does not easily achieve what he wants, especially since Evernote doesn't display the content of Word files. In fact, it's such a terrible suggestion that I can only assume that merely typing it made your fingers erupt into a punishing flame.
  6. While nothing (yet) compares to the iPad's amazing Goodreader, I currently use and highly recommend ezPDF. t isn't perfect, but it's definitely the most feature-packed app in the category. In an effort to find the best tool for the job, I've tried every Android PDF annotation app with the exception of FoxIt Reader (as of February 2012). RepliGo is good, but it's primary strength--being the only Android app capable of annotation--is no longer true. RepliGo does render quickly, but ezPDF has not only added annotation tools, but has a better annotation interface. Mantano is also excellent, but it does not seem to embed annotations in the PDF file.
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