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I am dragging and dropping pdf files in to new notes. However the hyperlinks no longer work. I've tried creating new pdf notes in both the Mac & PC version of Evernote. Is this a bug or has this never been possible?

This only happens if the preferences are set to add pdfs inline rather than an attachement. As an attachement the pdf will open and the hyperlinks work normally.

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The hyperlinks are in the pdf. They link to Google docs and various websites. When the pdf is dragged into a new note and is "inline" then the hyperlinks do not work. If the pdf is dragged into a new note as an attachement then when the pdf is opened (or in quickview) the hyperlinks work fine.

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It'll be the same if the PDF is inline, you can open it with quickview. I thought we processed links, but PDFs are created in a variety of different ways so we might just not be supporting your PDFs. If there's a sample with non-sensitive information you could send over in PM, that could be useful for us

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This happens to me as well. Regardless of the source of the PDF, regardless of whether I am looking at in on the Windows or Mac versions of Evernote, if I look at the PDF in the note itself rather than launching it in a PDF viewing program (Acrobat, Preview, etc.), none of the links work.

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Hi folks!

It's been (soon) a year since this topic was brought up, I can't understand why it would be so difficult to make the hyperlinks in pdf's clickable?

This is the main reason why I still keep double copies of pdfs both on my HD and in Evernote.

I can't even see how I could attach a pdf to the new Evernote, when I drag & drop it's just there and opened by default, not as attached file...

Grateful for implementing clickable licks.

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+1 here, I just added a reference pdf that links to many sites, and if I can't click them directly from Evernote it's pretty useless to have it stored in EV :) The workaround works, but in order to make more efficient our note taking clickable links would be a great addition!

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I am absolutely disgusted to discover today that dozens of important documents that I used the PRINT PDF TO EVERNOTE option on my Mac have become worthless pieces of wasted bytes on my disk and online since EverNote apparently turns them into dumb text which is not clickable or usable. Even if the link was http://www.imran.com/or something I could at least copy that text and manually paste it in a browser. But most of the documents had links embedded in the words, e.g. when you want to do blah blah *click here* <-- which would have a link in there. Now all I have is the text "click here" which is absolutely useless. I am hoping I am doing something wrong and that it is not a flaw in this otherwise overhyped platform EverNote. Please advise.



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