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  1. I did a quick read on the forum to see if this issue came up without any luck so I'm throwing this out there. I can't seem to drag files from the Mac finder into an Evernote note if they are only found on iCloud. If I move them to the Macbook then there is no issue. Suggestions?
  2. I'm looking to change the browser that Evernote uses to complete a search. I've set Chrome as the default browser. However, in Evernote when I right click on a word and click on "search with Google" it will open up a safari window. But if I click on a hyperlink in the same note it will open up a chrome tab. Bug or am I missing something?
  3. The hyperlinks are in the pdf. They link to Google docs and various websites. When the pdf is dragged into a new note and is "inline" then the hyperlinks do not work. If the pdf is dragged into a new note as an attachement then when the pdf is opened (or in quickview) the hyperlinks work fine.
  4. I am dragging and dropping pdf files in to new notes. However the hyperlinks no longer work. I've tried creating new pdf notes in both the Mac & PC version of Evernote. Is this a bug or has this never been possible? This only happens if the preferences are set to add pdfs inline rather than an attachement. As an attachement the pdf will open and the hyperlinks work normally.
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