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  1. It's not working properly in Chrome either. I keep seeing the Web Clipper icon getting the red dot on it, meaning it's not logged in - well I just logged in for 3 minutes ago. Almost every time I want to use it it wants me to login, no matter if I choose Google login or my own user name & password. Time consuming and irritating. Let's make one thing clear - my problems (both in Safari & Chrome) started when Evernote implemented the Google account login option. This is a clearly too rushed in-implementation, Evernote is in a hurry for some reason. Either you're losing paying users or something else, the new CEO is a former Google guy so he's maybe pushing the Google login, and what I see on the horizon within a year or two is integration with Google Drive and then there'll be Microsoft Office365 including OneNote vs. Google Apps (Office) including Evernote - or whatever they'll be calling it then (GooNotes?). I'm a sarcastic and pissed off premium user, I've been supporting Evernote since 2008. Lately, the Evernote services have been full of issues on all levels - dropping the login, slow sync, Webb clipper issues, small annoyances in the iOS etc.
  2. Hi folks! It's been (soon) a year since this topic was brought up, I can't understand why it would be so difficult to make the hyperlinks in pdf's clickable? This is the main reason why I still keep double copies of pdfs both on my HD and in Evernote. I can't even see how I could attach a pdf to the new Evernote, when I drag & drop it's just there and opened by default, not as attached file... Grateful for implementing clickable licks.
  3. Hi! Nice to see so many great uses of Evernote in the Tips & Stories, but why isn't it possible to make the imbedded images clickable and then bigger? I can hardly see the way people organise their notebooks, the stacks etc, which is actually the most important thing for me, no matter what the use is with Evernote. I can always learn something there.. Thanks, Mac
  4. Thanks, yes it feels a bit risky to buy this old machine, I cannot run so much else of the programs I'm using. I thought of having it on the train travelling to my work, in order to preserve the precious MBP from 2009. Evernote reading/sorting etc. as well as e-mail correspondence were my ideas, and in the evenings slow surfing on the sofa... The price is definitelly right (€160)
  5. Hi! I'm about to buy a used Powerbook G4 12" (867 GHz) from I guess 2003... just wondering if I can run the latest EN on this one? The person selling it has OS x 10.4.8 installed (I believe it's still a Tiger). My main laptop is a MBP 15" from 2009 and I'd like to use the same version and database of Evernote on both machines if possible. Thank you
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