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  1. I would like to create a search that looks at the title of notes, and return only those notes where the date in the title equals to today's date. The title date can be different from the date in which the note was created or updated, so using the EN date search fields won't work. So I have a note, created yesterday, with 20130301in the title, and I were I to run the search today (March 1, 2013), the note should be returned by the search. If I were to run the search yesterday or tomorrow, or on any date but March 1, 2013 I do not wish the search to return the note. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. This happens to me as well. Regardless of the source of the PDF, regardless of whether I am looking at in on the Windows or Mac versions of Evernote, if I look at the PDF in the note itself rather than launching it in a PDF viewing program (Acrobat, Preview, etc.), none of the links work.
  3. As I type a note, I often want to create a new note with a link to the note that I am typing. So, if I am in Note A and want to create Note B that can be linked to in Note A and have a link back to Note A from note B, I need to do the following: 1. Copy the link of Note A 2. Create Note B 3. Paste the link from Note A in Note B 4. Copy the link of Note B 5. Go back to Note A 6. Paste the link to Note B in Note A Ideally, I would click a button at a particular spot in Note A, and it would automatically create a new Note - Note B - with a link back to Note A, as well as a link to Note B from where my cursor was when I clicked on the button to create a "Linked Note." This is typical wiki behavior, and would make the usage of Evernote much easier, as I often want to create related notes to the note I am typing and would want to do it organically, as I work. Thank you very much, Daniel.
  4. If you use Leap from Ironicsoftware, Leap recognizes EN tags as well as OpenMeta tags, so a search on the same text will return entities tagged with OpenMeta tags as well as EN notes.
  5. Thank you very much, Barry! I have some thoughts on this one and will post them as a reply to your post as well as start posting more "development" related post on the proper forum.
  6. My scenario is the following: 1. I am in a note A 2. I invoke a script that would automatically create a Note B 3. Link note B to note A 4. Link note A to note B This would essentially allow me to create notes from within Notes, keeping track of the relationships (like in Voodoopad, for instance) to have a wiki like environment. Now, with the ability to link notes to each other this becomes possible. Looking at the AppleScript library for Evernote, I do not see a unique note ID as a Note property. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  7. I am trying to integrate EN into the wider context of how I organize files, emails, etc. My goal is to be able to refer to EN tags using other programs, and to be able to apply tags to EN notes through other programs. For instance, I would love to be able to view my EN note's tags through a saved search in TagLists, import an EN note into EagleFiler and automatically see the note's tags that were assigned to it in EN in EagleFiler. I would then like to tag the EN note through EF or some tagging software like Tagger, and be able to see the tags appear in the EN note when I am looking at it through the EN interface. I discovered that the individual EN notes exist as separate files on my Mac at the somewhat obscure folder named /Users/[my computer's name]/Library/Caches/Metadata/CoreData/com.evernote.Evernote/EE27C1EF-CAFE-444D-A135-CFB63020C9F2/ENNote/_records/ If I double click on any of the pxxx.ennote files in the folder, the file is opened in EN. It seems, though, that if I copy the file to another directory and try to launch it from there, EN opens, but not to the note itself but to wherever it happens to be currently open or where it was open last before it was closed. My hope was to copy the .ennote file to the EF directory and invoke it from there. Thus my first question is whether it is possible to access the file from anywhere BUT the directory it happens to be at. I also know I can get the list of tags associated with a given EN note through AppleScript. I am curious if anyone has tried to take such a list and apply it to the actual ennote file that corresponds with the EN note (that can be gotten through AppleScript as well, though it would need to be parsed a bit - tell application "Evernote" set the_note to the selection end tell If the list of tags could then be entered as OpenMeta tags associated with the .ennote file of the EN note, then any software that looks at the OpenMeta tags of files (such as TagLists) would include the EN note ennote file in an OpenMeta search results. My second question is whether anyone knows of an AppleScript that extracts the tags from an EN note and then assigns them as OpenMeta tags to the EN note's ennote file (TagoMan2 is AppleScript scriptable so it could be used for the assignment). Finally and to complete the picture, I am curious if there is an AppleScript out there to take the OpenMeta tags of an ennote file and assign them to the corresponding EN note - so that if new tags were assigned to the file by an external software, they could find their way into EN and be available through that interface. I don't have a great deal of experience with AppleScript, but I am very motivated to get this working. Before doing so, I wanted to make sure I was not reinventing the wheel. Regards, Daniel.
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