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(Archived) KB Spotlight: Designating an emailed note

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Evernote maintains an extensive (and searchable) knowledge base on each of our platforms and products. The KB Spotlight is a regular forum feature that helps educate and cross-pollinate knowledge base articles with our user forum.

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Designating an emailed note

Evernote allows you to designate the target notebook and tags for an emailed note in the email subject line. For example, if you wanted your emailed note to appear in your Cooking notebook, simply append "@Cooking" to the email subject (without the quotation marks). If you wanted to tag the note, just add tags to the email subject like this: #recipes #vegetarian #sometag. Note that if you want to designate the target notebook and tags using this method, you must place the notebook name before the tags.

Here is an example of the correct way to format the email subject using this syntax:

Authentic cornbread @Cooking #recipes #vegetarian #baking

Note that both the notebook designation and the tags appear at the end of the subject. Also, any notebook or tags added to the email subject must already exist in your Evernote account. Using the above example: assuming you didn't already have a tag "baking" in your Evernote account, the title of the note would contain "#baking" once it arrived in your Evernote account and that tag will not be applied. If you designate a non-existent notebook in the email subject, the note will be added to your default notebook.

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Follow on question-

I want automatically forward certain emails. What I have been doing is using a Gmail filter to forward to my EN email bypassing my inbox, however, the problem with this is that I cannot modify the emails subject line to include notebook/tag data from within Gmail. So the current result is the email is forwarded but I have to manually assign the correct notebook/tag each time in EN, an arduous task with 2-4 emails per day sometimes.

Anybody have a better method?


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I would take a peek at IfThisThenThat (ifttt.com). I think that you should be able to come up with a GMail action that forwards to your Evernote mailbox, with appropriate modifications to the subject line fo rnotebook and tag.

p.s., are you associated with L.L. Bean the company? I know it well...

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