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  1. Just downloaded it, TextExpander is not in Evernote 5 for iOS. Seems like a great upgrade otherwise. Pretty disappointed. I still don't think TextExpander is a niche or geek only use. Just look at how many other note taking apps and text editors support. It boggles my mind that a "note" taking app as big as Evernote should need another app in order to input something as simple as text! BTW, my current workaround is Drafts which I really like. My only issue is that I imbed a lot of photos in my notes, so unless I merge pictures in later, I cannot use TextExpander and make round trips in and out of Evernote iOS.
  2. Hi. Calling it a "must have" feature doesn't make it so. Lots of people have their "must have" features that range from two-factor authentication to backwards compatibility back to iOS 3. I am not saying that I am against having the feature. I am actually agnostic about it, because it isn't something I would be likely to use even if we had it. I wonder if you could describe your use case and give a little more detail about why you think this way. It might help developers understand better why there is demand for the feature. GM- I'll assume you know what TextExpander is. If not, check out http://smilesoftware.com/apps/ As far as case use, I will not enter a text note into EN in iOS. Why? I got tired of the poor formatting interface and having to retype text or note layout every time. For example, say I attend a weekly meeting which follows the same format. I use Notesy to enter a TextExpander snippet which acts as the shell, or layout, for my notes for that session. The other thing TextExpander gives is the ability to name titles more consistently. I use TextExpander all the time with Evernote in Mac OS. iOS is where it falls down. Include this and get faster search results and you will become something, well, actually use for taking quick notes on the go.
  3. Can anybody confirm whether TextExpander is finally coming to Evernote 5 for iOS? Thanks-
  4. I do live up north. I'll leave you to guess
  5. So I read May's pdf regarding organizing non-actionable items in EN and mindmaps and was very intrigued. I've never done much mind mapping but have come to realize that there are at least 3 to 4 in my head, mostly process related, which I wanted to jot down and inventory in EN. Some sections of my process seem better described visually with embedded links as opposed to the format EN has to offer. I've also started using OF, so I'm not looking for a mind mapping app for Mac which acts as a task manager. What I to do is simply create mind maps with file/note links. I'd like an iOS version as well to sync. The best I've found so far is MindNode, which seems almost adequate in its free version except for the fact that you cannot disconnect a node from an existing parent and establish it on a new node. Any advice if this is worth the $20? L
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