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  1. Hello- I have two requests regarding how notes are deleted or moved into Trash in EN for Mac 6+. 1) First, there should be a confirmation pop-up dialogue of some sort before anything is moved to the trash. It is far too easy to think you are hitting "delete" in the search window when searching for notes to later realize you were actually moving notes to the trash. 2) Much bigger issue....I discovered the hard way. I inadvertently used CMD-Delete with a note selected- it doesn't just move the note to Trash, it complete removes it from the entire program, again with no confirmation. This is entirely too dangerous a way of forever deleting documents that are only secured in Evernote without any backups. I love being to get things easily into EN, however, it should NOT be this easy to delete the things that I spend a lot of time curating. Thanks Ladd
  2. This is a rant, so if it offends anyone, sorry. I generally really like Evernote but all the hype in the world cannot make up for a poopy product. Throughout the versions and updates I've had a bug which has persisted on Evernote for Mac. When I move a large note with a pdf attachment over about 1mb from one notebook to another, the note count updates in both notebooks, but the note never visibly moves. So I end up with notes clearly labeled in one notebook which actually belong in the another. Eventually, if I move it back and forth between the notebooks the system does catch up, but this is a royal pain, EVERY time. I have restarted, reinstalled, tried both MAS and direct download version, and filled multiple support requests. I am a premium customer. Hey Evernote folk, how about before going out and trying to sell the next great backpack or wallet you get your CORE SOFTWARE FEATURES WORKING!! I am looking into alternatives, you spin a great marketing campaign, but really buggy product. Thanks for listening, rant over- LL
  3. 2 cents: I've been using Day One as my exclusive personal travel journal. In fact I have pulled all of my Evernote Food notes out to put in Day One. I'm a heavy Evernote user but using Day One is just a much more enjoyable experience, especially on iOS. Very very beautiful. Kinda like eating a meal with a nice set of silverware versus their trusty pocket knife. Also, unlike Evernote, it supports Markdown and Textexpander. While I like the couple recent updates to Mac/iOS, Evernote is still to me a really functional utility program, not someplace I want to keep my most treasured memories.
  4. gazumped- So you can rename the attached file even when it is viewed inline (Windows)? I can right click and rename the attachment in the native Mac version but only if the file is being viewed as an attachment, NOT inline. Makes for a lot of switching back and forth. LL
  5. One thing I find annoying with Evernote is that I cannot rename an attached PDF while being viewed inline. Sometimes PDF's don't get named appropriately when imported into Evernote. Even though the note gets a nice title when processed, when I share it or email the attachment out, the ugly fact that the attached file has some random, non-descript file name pops up. Can you add a function that, with one button either changes the PDF file attachment name to match the note title and vice-versa. At a minimum, please allow manual renaming of PDF file attachments when viewed inline. Thanks LLBean
  6. Looks like you can right-click inside the embedded PDF viewer and Rename from the menu. I'm not seeing that option. Using Evernote for Mac 5.07. I can rename the pdf when it is viewed as an attachment, but NOT when it is viewed inline. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. I like the new feature, but their is a snag. The PDF attachment cannot be viewed inline to rename it. I like viewing all of my pdf attachments inline by default so I can actually see the contents. So, if I want to rename an attachment, I have to first view it as an attachment, rename it, then select to view it inline. Extra steps are a pain in a but when this is something you do frequently. These are 3 steps to do 1 task. Make it like renaming images possibly? Anybody else have this problem? LL
  8. Just downloaded it, TextExpander is not in Evernote 5 for iOS. Seems like a great upgrade otherwise. Pretty disappointed. I still don't think TextExpander is a niche or geek only use. Just look at how many other note taking apps and text editors support. It boggles my mind that a "note" taking app as big as Evernote should need another app in order to input something as simple as text! BTW, my current workaround is Drafts which I really like. My only issue is that I imbed a lot of photos in my notes, so unless I merge pictures in later, I cannot use TextExpander and make round trips in and out of Evernote iOS.
  9. Hi. Calling it a "must have" feature doesn't make it so. Lots of people have their "must have" features that range from two-factor authentication to backwards compatibility back to iOS 3. I am not saying that I am against having the feature. I am actually agnostic about it, because it isn't something I would be likely to use even if we had it. I wonder if you could describe your use case and give a little more detail about why you think this way. It might help developers understand better why there is demand for the feature. GM- I'll assume you know what TextExpander is. If not, check out http://smilesoftware.com/apps/ As far as case use, I will not enter a text note into EN in iOS. Why? I got tired of the poor formatting interface and having to retype text or note layout every time. For example, say I attend a weekly meeting which follows the same format. I use Notesy to enter a TextExpander snippet which acts as the shell, or layout, for my notes for that session. The other thing TextExpander gives is the ability to name titles more consistently. I use TextExpander all the time with Evernote in Mac OS. iOS is where it falls down. Include this and get faster search results and you will become something, well, actually use for taking quick notes on the go.
  10. +1 for Markdown I have to disagree with the sentiment that the basic user could not learn how to use Markdown. I don't consider myself a nerd but have picked it up easily. Contrast that with the current horrible, often changing note taking tools in EN. Add TextExpander support for iOS as well. Users will never learn how to use new features such as these unless you show them how. I thought that was what an innovative software company was supposed to do (see Day One, for example).
  11. Can anybody confirm whether TextExpander is finally coming to Evernote 5 for iOS? Thanks-
  12. Is there any way to update the Note Title to match a renamed resource (pdf)? I've got a bunch of notes with bogus resource names (due to a bad earlier workflow) that I'm trying to update. LL
  13. Maybe this is already possible, but if not. I would like to either select multiple notes and toggle between how I want to see the attached pdf, or have a keyboard shortcut. Reason for this is early on I did not want to name my pdfs before I dropped them into Evernote. Now, the process of manually renaming each resource by first switching to "view as attachment" then back is just way too painful. Perhaps an alternative solution would be to allow renaming resource while viewing inline. Thanks- LL
  14. I know parts of this have been discussed in depth here but I wanted to approach the question from a different angle. I've been using EN (Mac) for 3 years, tossing everything and the kitchen sink in it. Personally, what I should have been doing and what I am in the process of rectifying is extracting and encrypting certain pdfs (which account for the bulk of my sensitive information). I'm doing this using Apple's native file encryption - no extra software. So far it seems to be working well. I encrypt a tax document with a long 1Password generated password, it syncs, and I'm able to open it on my iOS device and other Mac after entering the password. I realize I'm giving up some of the OCR search capabilities for these documents, but they are relatively few and worth it. I also encrypt any of the actual notes that are sensitive using EN's service. Finally, I add a tag like "encrypted" to any note I encrypt, simply to index them. So here is my question, and I know we each have our own security level. In this day and age, how far should one take encryption? Obviously, complete encryption removes any accessibility. What I'd like to find out from others here is what constitutes the MINIMUM level of security???? Here is what is my personal minimum: Tax documents Medical documents Bank statements Any document with a SSN on it Any username/password Legal documents - wills etc. Any other suggestions or thoughts? Thanks- LL
  15. I've been a bit lazy naming my pdf's prior to importing into EN. Anybody know of a way (hazel,automator,applescript, etc) to rename the pdf attachments to a group of selected notes to reflect the note name. In other words, if I had a note titled "120501 paycheck", but the pdf was labeled a long bunch of giberish, the automated flow would rename the pdf attachment "120501 paycheck". Thanks- LL
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