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(Archived) QUESTION: Running Leopard. What am I missing out on in Lion?



I am currently running Mac OS 10.5.8 (I don't even know if this is Leopard or Snow Leopard - sorry, not very Mac savvy!)

Question: Am I missing out on any Evernote features? And if so, which version of the latest Mac Operating Systems should I upgrade to in order to fully utilize Evernote?


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You are running Leopard - you are only really missing out on UI changes, the core functionality remains pretty much the same.

There is no direct upgrade path from Leopard to Lion unless you know someone who has already upgraded and created an install DVD. Apple only distributed Lion via the App Store that they first built into Snow Leopard. So, if you haven't got a DVD you will need to install Snow Leopard first.

Depending on what your hardware is you may or may not choose to upgrade, personally I think Lion is a big step on from Leopard and worth the relatively small amount of money.

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Before you upgrade you may want to think about apps that will become incompatible / less compatible with Lion. As long as the main apps you use are fine, then you have nothing to worry about. I like a lot of things about Lion, but I cannot upgrade. I get weird issues with some of my apps :D



As for Evernote, you'll get some minor benefits, but nothing major.

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No worries. Also, I don't know what computer you are using, but if you are going to run with the Lions, I'd recommend one of the newer processors (i5 sandy bridge or higher) and at least 4 gb of ram. If you don't have that, you might want to wait until this spring, when the MBP is rumored to get the new ivy bridge processor. If you are looking for an air, though, then you might have to wait until the summer.

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Running Lion on my mid 2009 Macbook Pro 13 and it appears a bit slow and lagging. But Evernote interface becomes hugely different (much more beautiful) in Lion and its predecessor, guess that's the only reason that I run Lion.

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