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  1. Whoa! Never would've thought of that one! Thanks!
  2. I'm trying to drag pictures on my Mac into a note, from my iPhotos but this isn't working. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Thank you - got in, thanks to your help!
  4. Brand new iPhone user here. I currently have paid Evernote I use on my laptop - how do I access this account via my phone? Do I need to download an Evernote app? Does my paid subscription cover use on my iPhone?
  5. Don, I really enjoyed seeing the progression of the journal, in five year increments on a certain date - brilliant. You were obviously a bright teenager! And the comment about "nothing in the mail" took me back to that same era where the main communication tool was the mail and it somehow felt like my life might be changed b some particular item of mail. Every once in a while that did happen (acceptance notice to college of choice) so that, of course, fueled the interest in checking the mail!! Thanks for sharing!!
  6. If I've clipped a web page to Evernote, am I able to still pull up the clipping if the original web page is removed?
  7. I have tons of recipes I'm wanting to scan into Evernote (ScanSnap)... What are the pros and cons of scanning as pdfs? jpegs? some other format I'm not aware of? Thanks for any help!
  8. Brooks, thanks for the video - I'm on a Mac - which app were you referring to?
  9. Thanks gang - the two monitors - is this with one computer? I can't figure out how to set that one up, if that's what you mean. Chris - I am also usually on a laptop as well - the split screen is a bit difficult to maneuver.
  10. GM - Do I simply clip a website to Evernote to avoid the dreaded 404 and missing pages? I'm referring to this quote from your link from above: "Philippos Savvides wrote a blog post on how to use Evernote with a literature review (he has removed the post, and the link leads to a cached page, which you'll want to clip for your Evernote account before it disappears)" In other words, even if someone removes their page from their website I will still have access to it in my Evernote?
  11. Along the lines of Shepherd Jim's questions... When scanning in 3X5 cards, handwritten scraps, would you suggest using pdf setting on scanner OR as a jpg. A pdf requires an additional click to see the recipe, but I'm also wondering about the ability to search in the recipe if using jpg.
  12. If you are relying on digitized bills/bank statements/tax documentation, how do you "do the work"? In other words, I'm needing the computer for both the inputs (digital bills/bank statements/tax docs) AND to pay my bills(Login to my bank) and (Quicken)/balance my checking account(Quicken)/do my taxesTurboTax. I've been using a second computer - one computer to display the inputs and the other to do the work. Other suggestions?
  13. What are the differences between Evernote and GoogleDocs?
  14. Oy, O Grumpy One - thanks for the heads up. I may just stick with what I've got for now, so long as I am not missing out on any Evernote goodies!
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