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  1. It happened when I accidentally paste a really really long article into the search field and Evernote just freezing all the way. Forced quite and the problem was not gone, instead, the long long search article now lives as a recent search history in the search field and lagging everything down. Have to enter new search terms few times to push the recent history down. Just hope it won't show up again, this lovely search history.
  2. I am on a Mac and the new clipper on Chrome is simply not working, at lots of situation. Cannot clip Gmail, may somehow clip and saves 3 or 4 duplicate copies, sometime image clip will not show up (instead, giving you an attachment look which you need to click in order to view the image). So basically what I do is to go back to safari and use the old clipper (though not work with email) and disable autoupdate. Hope Chrome has this feature.
  3. Lovely! The interface is amazing and the new features are impressing! Sadly, I am running Snow Leopard, guess it's time for a upgrade.
  4. Same problem here. Also when I select the clip note and try to increase the font size (selet all), EN crashes. On Mac 10.6.8.
  5. Running Lion on my mid 2009 Macbook Pro 13 and it appears a bit slow and lagging. But Evernote interface becomes hugely different (much more beautiful) in Lion and its predecessor, guess that's the only reason that I run Lion.
  6. Actually quite like the new design and the card view performs quite well, guess that's I never really used the old thumbnail view before. Everything seems smooth with the last release, way better than the old version. Sad that they abandoned Snow Leopard, and EN is the only app that force me to upgrade to Lion again.
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