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(Archived) Feature suggestion: simple visual note hierarchy




Love Evernote. As a matter of fact, I rarely take the time to make posts like these except if the app is something I really find useful and use every day..

When having lots of notes - both important ones and less important ones - "navigating" the notes quickly can be a bother. Being able to establish some kind of hierarchy of notes would be helpful. Some things I think might help:

- note sorting options other than linear. For example manually, by size etc.

- coloring notes in the list. Like files in the finder.

- flagging notes. Like in mail.

I know this prioritizing of notes can be done (to some extent) by tags and separate notebooks (except you can't really sort/prioritize notebooks either). But being a visual person some clear UI -signals for quick browsing would be great.

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You can create tag hierarchies that allow you to organize notes in tree structure, but I doubt that you'll get the ability to get fine-grained tree storage for notes any time soon in Evernote. There's no sort and group-by options, a la Outlook, which I think would be useful.

Operations like flagging notes are easily implemented using tags. Note coloring is discussed pretty frequently; not sure if Evernote has this high on their list, but they certainly know about it.

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There isn't a note hierarchy in Evernote. All of the notes are at the same level. There are different ways to sort them, and you can create tag hierarchies and so on, but these are cosmetic, and not actual hierarchies. I think that is why the colors, in particular, could really help people out. But, as jefito said, it gets discussed regularly, and we don't know if that is going to be a feature anytime soon.

In the meantime, you can put wingding-like characters into your tites. How about using stars? ☆★, asterisks *, and exclamation marks !.

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Tag hierarchy or nested tags have no impact on Note organization, selection/search, or sort order.

They are simply a means or organizing Tags. That's all.

Assigning a parent tag to a Note does NOT infer the tag's child tags.

Assigning a child tag to a Note does NOT infer the tag's parent(s).

IMO, nested tags are not nearly as useful as they could be.

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