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(Archived) How Evernote could help me to make synthesis of books i reed on ebook (like Kindle)

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Hi folks

My dream is that i could have an evernote integrated inside my ebook reader (Kindle or Kobo).

So each time i find an idea interesting inside my ebbok, I can copy-paste the idea directly inside my evernote.

It could avoid me to have both devices : mobile + ebook.



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You already have this capability.

Mark a passage in the text and it gets saved to a clippings file. You can do one of two things:

1. Plug it into your computer, open the file, copy the content, and paste it into Evernote.

2. Go to https://kindle.amazon.com/your_highlights and click on "Your Highlights" to see the notes. Copy and paste into Evernote. You should be able to do all of this with your mobile.

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Thanks, GrumpyMonkey, but this is what I already do. I understood OP to be asking for an automatic sync/transfer/share, which is what I'm dreaming of, so I don't have to manually transfer my clippings all the time. (I don't expect Evernote to do this, but I'd be thrilled if my pessimism were proven wrong.)

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I was playing with this just yesterday. Two things: 1) It's the LATEST highlights etc. 2) Integration could work a lot better (as others have said). The "My Clippings.txt" route seems the best - but harder work. (It would be easier if the file were XML, actually.)


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