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(Archived) Remember Last Opened Note/Multiple Sort Settings



Remember last opened note: When opening the Evernote application, I'd like to be able to see my last opened note. Currently, the application only remembers the last opened notebook (and automatically opens the first note in that notebook).

Multiple sort settings: I'd like to be able to customize the sort setting for each individual notebook. Currently, choosing a particular sort setting will apply to all notebooks.

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Don't know where to post this:

Another feature if I may request, is to have a word count like that of MS Word. I rarely use my MS Word now since I started using evernote. I use it for my blogs and writing jobs. It would help us a lot.


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Two suggestions for better luck when posting feature requests on the forums:

1. Post each feature request as its own topic, with a relevant title, so people know what the topic is about. "Two Feature Requests" doesn't help people locate the topic about multiple sort settings, for example.

2. jr.rivero: That would have been best put in its own topic (see above). It's not very helpful, for other users or you, if you add a feature request to an existing topic about something else, since topics get very confused, and requests get lost, that way. That said, you should also search the forums before posting feature requests. If you search "word count" in the Mac forum, you'll see how many times that has been requested before.

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